Are you super excited about the release of the iPhone 14? If so, you are not alone. Many people have been attracted to the new arrival of the iPhone, the iPhone 14. Well, if you are that much excited about this new arrival, then surely you are going to buy it. It is overwhelmingly exciting to buy the latest iPhone, but it is pretty tricky to switch to a new device when transferring all your data from one device to another.

Did you even think about it? No? Ignoring such a dreary thing is expected when the excitement is super high. Well, don’t fret! We are here to help. We will let you know the best software to transfer all your data to your new device without wasting your time and energy. Guess which software we are talking about? Yes! The same as you think.

We are talking about FoneTool as it is one of the best software for iPhone users to transfer data. So let’s explore the best about FoneTool and get help, as it lies on top of the best iPhone 14 switchers list. And, of course, you can’t afford to miss it. Let’s go!

What Makes FoneTool Best

The FoneTool is the best iOS backup and transfer tool that helps you transfer files quickly between different iOS devices. It has been focused on data security and providing the best results for over ten years and has gained the faith of over 50 million users. FoneTool is developed by a professional team and has won the hearts of millions of users worldwide.

Best features of FoneTool

Fast: FoneTool is the fastest file transfer tool as it can transfer more than 40 MB of files within a second without requiring your cellular data or any Wi-Fi.

Secure: It fully guarantees your data security and personal privacy. It is a proactive file-sending process asking your permission to access all shared files.

Efficient: It integrates management and can access all data on your iPhone, allowing you to easily selectively pick the files you need to transfer with one click.

How To Transfer iPhone Data With FoneTool

There are two significant ways to transfer data from one iPhone to another; the first is to move everything at once from iPhone to iPhone, and the other is selectively transferring the data to the new iPhone.

Transfer Everything At Once From iPhone To iPhone

The FoneTool allows you to transfer all the data simultaneously with its iPhone to iPhone Transfer feature with one click. It will transfer all your photos, contacts, call history, text messages, bookmarks, applications, and data files, into another iPhone with a few simple steps.

  1. Connect both iPhones to the computer and operate FoneTool.
  2. Click Phone Transfer and choose the iPhone to iPhone option.
  3. Enable backup encryption to encrypt data from the source device.
  4. Lastly, click on the Start Transfer to transfer all the data from iPhone to iPhone.

Selectively Transfer The Data To The New iPhone

Two steps are required to selectively transfer your data from one iPhone to another: backup data on the old iPhone and restore your data to the new one. In addition, it can help you transfer the contacts, messages, photos, videos, and songs you have selected.

Backup Data On The Old iPhone

  1. Plug in your old iPhone after launching the FoneTool.
  2. Click on the Phone Backup, choose Selective Backup, click each icon to select the data you want to backup, and click OK to confirm it.
  3. Choose the storage path and then click Start Backup.

Transfer Data To The New iPhone

  1. Plug in your new iPhone and choose Backup History.
  2. A three-dots icon will appear; choose to Restore on them.
  3. You can preview the data and select by clicking the icon that you want to restore to the new iPhone.
  4. Click Start Restore to transfer your data to the new iPhone.

Regular Backup And Restore Your iPhone Data

To prevent you from any data loss, it is necessary to back up your iPhone from time to time. You may find it tricky to back up your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud as it contains some flaws, but you will find it easy, just like a piece of cake with FoneTool. FoneTool offers a flexible solution for you to back up and restore your iPhone data with several back-ups and restoring methods by creating a comprehensive backup.

Backup iPhone Photos: You can back up all the iPhone photos, including Camera Roll and photos saved from other apps, and restore them anytime.

Backup iPhone Music And Videos: Music and videos occupy much space on your iPhone, but you can release storage and quickly restore them when you need them by backing them up to the computer.

Backup Text Messages And Contacts: Contact and messages are vital for business and personal life and can be very important to you. With the help of FoneTool, you can keep your numbers, messages, emails, and web pages forever by quickly backing them up.

The Best iPhone Data Erase Software

iPhone stores a lot of personal data like photos, contacts, call history, and many other things that are private for you. And as you switch on the latest iPhone, you will preferably sell out or give away the old one. But what if someone can use your contact and get access to your Apple ID, contacts, photos, or anything else? FoneTool has taken a step ahead for this as well.

It easily erases all the contents of your old device, including your Apple ID, contacts, messages, call history, etc. So you can quickly sell or give away your old iPhone without any fear of getting your data used. Besides, suppose you experience any troublesome issues like iPhone freezing. In that case, you can quickly delete personal data at once and set your device to reset with the help of FoneTool.

And if someone wants to stick to the device, they can delete their data like old contacts and messages that are no longer useful for them to free up space as these things consume so much storage space of your iPhone.


Although Apple’s official switching techniques, including iTunes, iCloud, and Quick Start, have weaknesses, FoneTool has an apparent and intelligent interface with a quick transfer speed that can easily fit all your needs for transferring to the iPhone 14.