Can We Reuse Already Deleted Apple Id for New Apple Account

Many people ask one question regarding the apple id: Can we reuse an already deleted apple id to create a new account. It might be a bit complicated, but to make it short, we can say that we cannot use the same email address to create a new one once we delete an apple id.

Some people delete the apple id, thinking that they can use the same email address to create a new Apple id account. But it was wrong. So if you are deleting an apple id, keep in mind that you cannot use the same email address to create a new apple id account. So, here we are looking into the matter in detail.

Suppose we are going to create a new apple id using an existing or already deleted apple id. In that case, you probably receive a message saying that This email address is not available. Choose a different address.

The fact is that once an apple id account is permanently deleted, all the data associated with that apple id also get deleted. So as per apple’s terms, you cannot reuse that account anymore.

Deleting the Apple id for Reuse

In some cases, few users prefer to delete the apple id because the particular apple id was not working with the new apple device. For example, we reported the issue of ACCOUNT_UNAVAILABLE earlier, which is one such issue. In this case, users prefer to delete the account permanently. But here, many users think that the same email can be used to create a new account and can be used further. But the fact is that it won’t work.

Why already deleted apple id account cannot be reused

As we all know, Apple uses apple id for all the Apple services like Apple TV+, iMessages, Appstore, etc. So, once a new apple id is created, it will get linked to all the associated services. Therefore, the same id is used as the identifier for all the apple-related services.

Once a user requests to delete the apple id account permanently, apple deletes the data related to that particular account permanently. Therefore no service can be used with that Apple Id.

One important fact is that, even though the data is deleted completely, the email id will be kept in the apple server as the deleted account. Therefore the system will show you This email address is not available. Choose a different address error while creating a new account using the same email id.

What to do if we need to reuse the same email as the Apple id

If you wish to use the same email address in the future as your apple id, never delete your apple id permanently. If you are looking to delete the account due to some issues, then better contact apple support to fix the issues to continue using the same apple id account.

If you delete your apple id and then realized that you could not reuse the same email in the future, you have one more chance here. Once you delete the apple id, Apple will keep the request for review, and the account will be deleted permanently only after the manual review process. This process can take up to 10 days. In this period, you can contact apple support with the Apple ID Account Access Code (you receive the same once you delete the apple id account) if you change your mind. So that they will cancel the deletion process and you can reuse the same account.

What is next if the Apple id is Deleted Permanently

As said before, we have 10 days to cancel the deletion process. However, if the time is passed and the account gets deleted, the only possibility is to create a new apple id using a new email address. After the permanent deletion, there is no way to restore or reuse the old apple id and the associated email address.


So, we can conclude and say that delete the apple id only if you really wish. Otherwise, you can temporarily disable your account for some period. On the other side, if you made the delete request and changed your mind, you can request cancellation manually within the next 10 days.

Finally, keep in mind that if you delete an Apple id permanently, you cannot reuse the same apple id and email address in the future for your new apple id account. You need to use another email address.

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