There are times when some apps just do not work on your Mac or it randomly just stops working. You need to close the entire apps and files opened at that time so that it starts working again. But sometimes it gets so bad that all files are changed and then you need to force quit on Mac to allow it to work again. You can do it directly by switching off your Mac or through various methods that have some steps to follow the process of force quit on Mac.

What Is Force Quit

When suddenly your device stops working and all the data is frozen then you need to perform the function of force quits. This helps free your memory and lets the device turn off when you can’t turn it off manually. Force quit is not the safest option but when you have no other option left then force quit is the only option.

The biggest demerit of it is that it does not let you save the previous work you were doing before your device getting freeze or stuck and once you force quit the device starts from starting not where you left, so this way you can lose your important data’s and not get them back. This mainly occurs due to insufficient space on your device that makes it unable to respond and starts hanging every time you use it.

Is It Safe To Force Quit

When you force quit you don’t get the option to save the work that you were doing on your Mac. As soon as you force quit everything gets disappeared so force quit must always be the last choice if manual or normal quitting doesn’t work because it will remove all the things you were working on at that particular time.

The main reason that makes the device frozen is its space and we know that Mac doesn’t have much RAM that makes it inefficient to open all the apps or data together. You can use smart apps on your Mac that helps to free space from time to time and so this problem of freezing won’t occur and you don’t have to force quit.

Ways To Close Frozen Apps

There are basically three ways to close frozen apps like:

1. Force Quit Using The Apple Menu

You need to follow simple steps to force quit using the Apple menu:

  • First, you need to click on the black apple icon in the upper left corner.
  • Then from the drop-down menu you need to select ‘force quit’ that will open a new window named ‘force quit ‘application’.
  • Then you have to select the application or check which applications are showing ‘not responding’ and then choose ‘’force quit’’.

2. Force Quit With Mac Shortcut

To close frozen applications you can use a faster and efficient way to force quit on Mac by following simple steps:

  • You need to “press and hold command+option+Esc” on your keyboard, this immediately opens the “force quit application” window.
  • Then you need to select the frozen application or data and click “force quit”.

3. Close Application From Activity Monitor

You can easily choose to close applications from macOS native applications called “Activity Monitor” and by following some steps you can easily force stop applications on Mac. The steps are as follows:

  • First and foremost step is that you need to click on the “spotlight” on the top-right corner of the screen or press “Command+space” on your keyboard.
  • Then in the spotlight search window type “activity monitor” in the search bar.
  • Once it appears on the screen, click ‘enter’.
  • And in the activity monitor list you can see all the applications and things that were opened you can force quit an application or data that you want to force quit by clicking on “force a process to quit”.

These are the three ways through which you can force quit on Mac easily and conveniently without any technical help. Though you cannot protect your data you were working on at that time but you can eventually protect your mac from getting stuck for long.

How To Resolve When Force Quit Is Not Working

If any of the above methods do not work then you can simply press the “control+command+power button” to restart your Mac. This is a very simple and convenient way to restart your mac when nothing works or you have no other option left. You can also press the power button so that you can shut down your Mac when it’s not working. At least you can do something out of the options mentioned above to restart your Mac and not get stuck at a particular place.


Force quit is not the only option when your mac gets stuck due to some applications or data but yes when nothing works force quit is the best option that helps you to make your device back to normal. Force quit has opted less because it doesn’t give you a chance to save your files you were working on before it got stuck and you can lose your work this way.

Generally, mac gets stuck because it has a low storage capacity that makes it difficult for all the apps to work together or stuff your mac with more applications. You can directly press the power button or so and restart your mac at times when you cannot force quit. So yes above mentioned are some of the ways that help you force quit on mac and unfreeze your mac.

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