iPhone Contacts Not Showing Names After Update – Fix

Many users are reporting that they can’t see the names of the contact after the latest updates. The issues are happing in the contacts and other apps in which the number is showing rather than the names. The problem is not common and popping up in some cases only. You may find missing names in the contact apps, iMessage app, third-party apps, etc.

Here in this article, we will see how we can fix the contact name not showing on the iPhone.

How to Fix the Contacts Not Showing Names on iPhone

A few fixes to solve the contact name not showing on the iPhone. You can try the following steps and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Reboot your iPhone

The first debugging method is to restart the device for all the issues, including the contact name not showing the issue. Restart your iPhone and check the contacts once restarted. If the issue is not yet resolved, proceed with the next step.

Disable and Enable the Contact Sync on iCloud

The contacts are stored and synced with an iCloud account in most cases. If your contacts are saved and synced with the iCloud account, then you can disable and enable the contact sync option on your phone.

To do so, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open the Setting on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap on the profile section at the top.

Step 3: Tap on the iCloud option from the Apple Id section.

Step 4: You will see all the synced items with your iCloud account.

Step 5: From that, disable the Contacts option.


Step 6: Now, a confirmation window will appear; select Delete from My iPhone.


Now, your contacts on the iPhone will be deleted. However, the contacts stored in the cloud won’t be deleted.

Step 7: Now, restart your iPhone.

Step 8: Once the iPhone boots up, go to the Apple id settings from the Setting section again, as we did in Step 2.

Step 9: Now, enable the contacts option. Once done, all the contacts will be synced from the iCloud account to your iPhone as new contacts.

Most probably, the issue will get resolved by this step.

Changing the Language & Region

Another quick hack to fix the contact sync issue on iPhone is changing the phone’s language and region.

To do so, go to the setting on your iPhone, then tap on the General option. From there, you need to tap on the Language & Region option.

Finally, you need to change your current region to something else temporarily. Then just restart your iPhone. The contact issue might get resolved now.

Once the iPhone contact works fine and shows the names correctly, you can change the region to your original region.


The contact issue might get resolved without any issue by doing the above steps. In most cases, it is due to the sync error and can be fixed by troubleshooting the syncing problem. Please let us know if nothing works for you in the comment section below.

If possible, it is always recommended to keep a separate backup of your contact. Alternatively, syncing the contact with Google contacts is also a good solution.

If you have an alternative contact backup and none of the above steps solved the problem, you can restore your contact by completely replacing the existing contacts with your backup contacts so that the contact sync issue gets fixed.

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