How to Fix the iMessage Waiting for Activation Error on iPhone?

If you are trying to configure the iMessage on your iPhone, you might have noticed the Waiting for Activation message, which won’t change even after minutes. In this artcile, we will see how to fix the waiting for Activation issue on iPhone.

iMessage activation with the mobile number

As you know, the iMessage activation can be done without a mobile number. You can use the apple id ad your iMessage sending profile and use your apple id to send and receive messages on apple iMessages. However, when you go to the iPhone settings, you can see that you can also see your mobile number listed in the iMessage, and the same can be used to send and receive messages.

If you configure the mobile number with the iMessage, anyone having your mobile number could communicate with you via iMessages. However, to use the mobile number with iMessage, you need to activate the number with the iMessage services. At this point, most users face the issue of waiting for an Activation error.

What is the Waiting for Activation error on iMessages?

The issue mainly happens once you try to activate the iMessages with your mobile number. As mentioned before, iMessages can be configured with an Apple id and a Mobile number. Configuring iMessage with apple id never makes any issue. However, on mobile number activation on iMessages, many users are stuck in the Waiting for the Activation message.

The app continues showing the same message even after minutes, whereas the normal activation process never takes more than a few seconds. So in the following section, we will see the possible reasons and the solutions for the Waiting for Activation issue with iMessage on iPhone.

How to fix the iMessage Activation Error Issue

The activation error on iMessage can happen for multiple reasons. The following are the different ways to fix the issue. Once you successfully activate the number with your iMessage, the number will be automatically activated with FaceTime also. You can choose your mobile number as the option and you can connect with other Facetime users using the mobile number.

Restarting the iPhone

Whether it is iPhone or an Android Phone, the primary step for all issues is to restart the device. In this case also, if you face a problem with the iMessage activation, try to restart the iPhone and initiate the iMessage activation again. If the problem still exists, proceed with the other solutions.

Make sure you are getting enough coverage on your mobile network

The iMessage activation on mobile numbers can only be done with the mobile service provider; you need to ensure that you are getting enough network coverage on your number. If not, try to keep the iPhone within the network coverage area.

Make sure to have an active Plan on your number with Talktime Balance

To activate the number with the iMessages, an active validity plan with a Talktime balance should be on your number. So, first, make sure you have an active plan on your number. Secondly, you should check the Talktime balance on your number.

Most telecom operators are not offering free SMS to short numbers. Those SMS are always chargeable depending on the service. Because of this, even if you have a free SMS plan, the SMS activation of iMessage won’t work with the free SMS pack. For this, you should need a Talktime balance on your number.

For example, we notice that, in India, the telecom operators are offering free SMS with almost all the plans. However, the iMessage activation doesn’t take place with the free SMS. In that case, the Indian users need to top up their mobile number with a Talktime voucher, and they need at least Rs. 5 in their account to activate the iMessage.

Similarly, other network providers in different countries are charging different rates for the SMS service. Check with your service provider and have the minimum Talktime balance for SMS service to complete the iMessage activation quickly.

Check your Internet Connection

To successfully activate the iMessage with your mobile number, you need a consistent internet connection. Ensure you are connected to WiFi or the mobile data is turned on.

SMS service issue on your Number

In some cases, the SMS service on your mobile might not work. Multiple reasons depend on your network. If none of the above fixes didn’t help you, there are chances of an issue with your SMS services. In that case, you need to contact your mobile service provider’s customer care, which can help you with the problem. On the other hand, if you think that you are not getting enough information, you can also contact Apple support via chat or Phone, they can help you as well.


By doing the above steps, you can quickly fix the Waiting for Activation issue on your iPhone, and you can start using the iMessage with your mobile number.

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