Fix the Error ‘Last Name is Not in Expected Format’

You might see error messages when you make an account on a website, apply for a job, or fill out a form. One common error is ‘Last Name is Not in Expected Format’.

If you see this error, this article will explain why it happens and how to fix it.

Cause For ‘Last Name is Not in Expected Format’ Error

When you see the message ‘Last Name is Not in Expected Format’, it usually means that the last name you entered doesn’t match how the website or database wants it to be written.


  • Special Characters: Many online forms don’t allow special characters or symbols in the last name field. If your last name has things like @, #, $, or other non-letter characters, that can cause the error.
  • Length Limits: Some websites have a limit on how many characters can be in the last name. If your last name is too long, that might trigger the error.
  • Blank Spaces: Having extra spaces at the beginning or end of the last name can also make the error happen.
  • Invalid Characters: Unusual accent marks, weird symbols, or punctuation in the last name can lead to the error too.

How to fix the ‘Last Name is Not in Expected Format’ Error?

First, look for the mistake! Check the information that was entered and find where the last name was written in the wrong way. Is there a missing space? Is the capitalization wrong? Once you find the problem, you’ve done half the work.

Now, fix the last name so it looks right. Follow any rules or common ways of writing last names. You might need to change the order, add spaces, or adjust the capitalization to make the last name match the expected format.

Here are some other steps you can follow to fix this error:

  1. Remove Special Characters: First, check your last name for any special symbols. If you find any, delete them and try again.
  2. Check Length: Make sure your last name doesn’t have too many characters. If it’s too long, you may need to shorten it or leave part of it out.
  3. Remove Blank Spaces: Double-check for any extra spaces at the beginning or end of your last name. Get rid of them so it’s just one continuous name.
  4. Use Standard Letters: Use regular alphabet letters in your last name to avoid the error. If you have accents or other special marks, try using the standard version of those letters instead.
  5. Contact Support: If none of these work, don’t be afraid to reach out to customer support for the platform you’re using. They can help you figure out how to fix the issue or suggest other options.


In conclusion, you can overcome this challenge if you learn about the common reasons for this error, follow the steps to fix it and use the best ways to format last names.

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