How to Redeem Gift Card in Google Play Store ?

As we earlier discussed in the previous post, we can make payment in Google Play Store using the Debit/credit Card or also via Google Gift Card. Many people cannot use debit/credit card in Google because of the security measures of the card and some other are not willing to provide the card details.

In this case we have an other solution, in which user can buy Google Gift Card from retail outlets and redeem the card number in the Google Play store to get the money equivalent to that. Now we can check how to get the card and redeem it in Play store.

Step 1. Buy Google Play Gift card from the retail outlet near you or via online shopping site such as Snapdeal. You will get cards in denomination such as Rs. 750/-, 1000/- and 1500/-

Get Google Gift Card from Snapdeal for Rs. 750/-, Rs. 1000/-, Rs. 1500/-

Step 2. You will get a Redeem code in the Gift Card. Goto your google play store website

Step 3. In the dashboard click on the Redeem link on the left side of the page.


Step 4. in the new window, enter your redeem code and click on Redeem.


Done, your account will get the money equivalent of your card. Now you use these money to purchase paid apps from playstore or even make payment within the apps.

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