As you all know, Google Hangout is partially replaced by Google Meet. However, it allows us to call US numbers from India Free of charge with its old Hangout App. But to some extent, Hangout will be an excellent service for making cheap and free calls to mobile numbers.

Rather than other services such as Whatsapp, Facebook, etc., Hangout can be used to call Mobile numbers. They are offering very cheap VoIP calls to their customers. One main feature most people don’t know is its free service, which we will discuss here.

We can use Google Hangout to make free calls to US numbers, i.e., if you have friends and families living in the United States, you can call them directly on their phone number completely free. Moreover, all the calls to US Numbers from hangout are free from anywhere in the world.

To make calls using Hangout, first you have to download the hangout dialer app from Play Store.

After installing the app, it will be integrated with your Hangout app, where you can dial the number directly or choose from your contact list.


By default, your call is placed as anonymous, i.e., the person you called will receive the call as Anonymous. To set your mobile number as the caller id, follow the steps so the receiver will get your number on the screen when you call them.

Note: Google Hangout is not officially available as the app is discontinued. Installing the app from third-party platforms or the PlatStore won’t work as the service is unavailable.

Step 1: Click on the Menu

Step 2: Then, click on the settings.

Step 3: Click on your Email Address.

Step 4: Click on the Verified phone number section. Add your number there and verify it.

Step 5: After verifying your number, click ‘Outbound Caller ID’. Select your verified phone number from there and set it as your caller ID.


When you make a call, the receiver will get a call from your number.

How to Call US from India Free?

Google Hangout offers an option to call any US number for free. Open the Hangout Dialer app on your mobile and dial the US number. All the calls to the US numbers are completely free. However, some premium toll-free numbers are not available under the free option. If you are making calls to normal mobile numbers, in that case, all call to the united states from India is free.

Is the Hangout Caller ID option Available for Free calls?

You can add and verify your local phone number with your Google account. Once the verification is done, the number can be set as your Hangout caller ID. Call made to the US will be made from that number virtually. The receiver will see your local phone number, making it a genuine call, and they can easily identify your call.

How to Call US Number from India

Not only from India, but you can also make free calls to US numbers using Google Hangout if you have an internet connection available.

Can Hangout be used to Call India from the US For Free

Unfortunately, free calls to India From the US are not possible now. If you wish to call any Indian number, you must pay. However, calls between Hangout users are still free.

Is Hangouts Call Free Now?

Google discontinued the support for the Hangout app. However, the application is still available to download and can be used without issue. Since the functionality and the features of the application are still working, we can use them without any issues. However, Google is looking to merge the same with Google Voice completely, and once done; they may stop Hangout permanently.

How to Call India From US

Since the Hangout dialer is now Google Voice, you can call India from the US using the same app. However, calls are not free. A fixed charge per minute is applicable for all calls to India from the United States.

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How to Call India From US For Free

So many free calling apps are available by which you can call Indian Number from a US phone number. Skype is one such alternative that offers unlimited calls but which requires a subscription. On the other hand, some ad bases application offers free calls using points/credits, which can be earned by watching ads.

How to Get Free Google Number

Free Google number is available only for users in the United States only. If you are a USA resident with an active US phone number, you could get a free Google number to use as your personal number. Free Google Number is not available in other countries.