Google AdWords – Earn Free Credit if you are in India

Google AdWords is the most popular online advertisment platform which is used by most of the people to sell their product or like that. AdWords is also a good platform for Individuals too market their business. If you are in India, i will explain how to get free credit of Rs.2000/- to your account which can be used to advertise your business.

You will get a promotion coupon code from google from the following link
Enter your email address and get the Coupon code. If you are a new AdWord user, then signup for a new account and after setting the primary settings, go to the billing section and enter the coupon code there. If you are an existing customer, you can use the code in your billing section.

One thing everyone should remember is that, by using the Coupon code google is not giving you Rs.2000/- completely for free. So i will explain how it will work.

The thing here happening is, google is giving you an opportunity to earn up to Rs 2000/- in your account which can be used for your advertisement in the future. Here, from the day you redeemed the coupon code google will count upto 31 days. So during that 31 days how much money you spend in advertising your business with adwords, that much money will be given back to you after that period as a bonus and it will be only upto Rs.2000/-

Which means, you have to spend your own money for advertisement during that 31 days and that much money will be given back to you. So the bonus amount will be credited to your account after 5 days after that. For eg. If you spend Rs.1500/- during that 31 days you will get Rs.1500/- as bonus and if you spend Rs.2500/- then you will get the Rs.2000/- which is the maximum amount they offer.

In India you can add credit to you AdWords account through net banking and minimum payment for that is Rs.500/-.

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