Apex is that one battle royale game that will never die. It has a huge player base, and it just keeps adding up. It has gained some serious popularity these last few months. Everyone has started playing this game, and even many big streamers have switched to Apex from games like Fornite, COD Warzone, etc.

So yes, this game is not dying anytime soon. Apex has been out for a couple of years now and is very different from other battle royale games. The movement in this game is a unique aspect of this game. Every game has its unique aspect. For example, in Fortnite, the building is a unique aspect.

Movement is something that you have to work on if you want to win. You’ll find many professionals in your lobby dodging every bullet of yours with their movement while they are emptying their magazine on you. It’s hard to move and aim simultaneously, but once you get the hang of it, no one will be able to kill you. Try to go in the training mode and work on your movement as no one will be trying to kill you there. You can practice your movement peacefully there.

Suppose you’re tired of losing and not getting better. Your only option to win would be to use safe apex hacks to advance by lavicheats. They provide the best and safest hacks you can get. You won’t get caught as their hacks are undetectable by the anti-cheat system Apex has. So, you don’t have to worry about getting permanently banned or anything. You can safely and efficiently install these hacks and dominate lobbies. Then, you can go to their website and get the hacks over there and easily win some games.

However, if you’re willing to get better at the game, I will be listing some amazing tips you should follow to dominate in Apex lobbies. You should know that Apex is a game that will take you ages to learn, but you can learn faster if you practice every day and follow these tips. Many people are using hacks in Apex nowadays, so it’s a little hard to win every game, but some streamers have shut down hackers in Apex with pure skill, and you can do that too once you’ve mastered the movement of the game.

Lavicheats hacks include wallhack where you can see enemies through walls. It will give you a heads up when an enemy is passing by, and you can easily take them out by aiming a few seconds before they reach the spot. Wallhack is something that you can completely change the fight in your favor. Hacks also include aimbot. Aimbot is your computer aiming for you with the help of the coding done in the hacks. Your aim will automatically go on the enemy’s head, and you will only have to press the fire button and boom! THEY’RE DEAD!

Here are some important tips you should follow to get better and win at Apex Legends:

Land fast

There won’t be a single place on the map where you’ll be alone so, what you’re going to do is drop and land fast so you can get the loot before the person on top of you. Also, it will allow you to kill them as they won’t have a weapon quickly. They’ll have to melee you to death which will be impossible if you have a weapon.

Try not to take fights

If you want to win, you probably shouldn’t take fights as there are high chances you will get a third party by another player. But, if you have an aggressive playstyle, try to a third party other people if you can or don’t fight when there are many people around. Only take fights when you think it’s only you and the other player alone.

Use your champion’s abilities

When in a fight, most people forget to use their abilities due to everything going around. It’s hard to remember when to use your ability. But, your abilities can get you from losing the fight to winning it. So, learn them and use them more frequently in fights.

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