As the gaming community awaits the final release of Battlefield 2042, it’s vital to equip yourself too. This first-person shooter game will offer everything you expect and more, given that it is an improvement from its predecessor. According to the available information, the game can accommodate 128 players and even features a system that supports weapon customization.

So, if you want to be amongst the first set of people to master the game, buy these battlefield 2042 cheats. Also, grab all the details of the upcoming game below and wait for it. We will share all the juicy information to prepare you for D-day.

Everything to know about battlefield 2042

Following are a few things that you should know about Battlefield 2042.

1. Battlefield 2042 Introduces New things

Many changes come with this installment.

Increased Player Count

The first one is that the game will feature 128 players in the Xbox Series S, Series X, PC, and PS5. But gamers who use Xbox One and PS4 will have to play only half of the number, which is 64. In addition, these players will play in two teams comprising of 64 characters. So, the game will be available on both consoles and PC.

Specialists replace Classes

Secondly, there are no longer Classes but Specialists. These playable characters will be equipped with unique traits and gadgets. However, they can also prepare their load-outs containing special equipment and weapons. Every Specialist will be under Support, Engineer, or Assault classes.

Unique gadgets are available

The characters can fight with many gadgets available in the game. Some of them are reviving guns, grappling hooks, auto-turret, movement sensors, wingsuits, etc.

Other changes

Many other changes include the absence of the battle Royale mode and single-player campaign. Also, the maps are now in sectors mandating players to capture every control point to take over a sector.

2. Understanding the Playable Characters/Specialists

When the game launches, the playable characters/Specialists will be 10. Some include Wikus Van Daele “Casper” from South Africa, Webster Mackay from Canada, Maria Falck from Germany, Boris from Russia, etc. But according to the developers “DICE,” the game will feature 14 specialists in total within the first of its launch.

These Specialists will have amazing capabilities or abilities that will make them relevant to their teams. For instance, Casper’s trait is a movement sensor that allows him to detect movement around him. So, no one can sneak upon him.

Another aspect is that specialists can get unique gadgets to pair with their guns and no longer use the themed gadgets or specific weapons assigned to classes. Now, players have more freedom with their weapons and can change them at will. Moreover, you can fight with your unique perk and item, equipment, secondary and primary weapons, plus grenades.

3. The available modes to expect

During the launch in November, Battlefield 2042 will emerge with three modes, namely, All-Out Warfare, which will feature both Conquest and Breakthrough. In Conquest, players will fight to capture points in the sector to control it. In Breakthrough mode, one team must fight to capture the control point of the other team as they try to defend their points against them.

Then there will be the “Hazard Zone,” which will be played in the squad. According to the developers, this mode will stretch players to their limits since the game follows Escape from Tarkov, Hunt Showdown, etc.

While many expect more modes to emerge in this installment, the developers have removed some old ones. According to the available information, there won’t be the Firestorm mode and a Battle Royale hot battle. Also, the Singleplayer campaign is not available for players who love to play solo. No one has heard of plans for them yet.

4. What should players expect?

Some things to expect on the map include vehicles of the near future capabilities since the game will be set in 2042. In addition, there will be helicopters, jets, tanks, and many others. There will also be a call-in system that Specialists will use to get vehicles dropped into the map.

The best part is that every team will have a vehicle budget, and players can spawn into them and expect a relaxed downtime for the call-in system. Also, there is a robot dog that players can use in the game for better performance. The players can use them as a scout or as protection.

Some of the maps available in the All-Out Warfare mode are Kaleidoscope, Orbital, Renewal, Orbital, Manifest, Discarded, Breakaway, and Hourglass.

5. When is the release date?

The new information available is that players should expect the game release on Nov. 19, 2021. Players can play the game on PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series & Series S. As for where to get it; you can check Steam, Epic Games Store, and Origin.


Battlefield 2042 will soon join the plethora of first-person shooter games in the industry. It will feature a lot of amazing Specialists with unique traits and skills. We’ve shared every important detail about the game in this article. So, prepare your PC and Consoles to storm the year 2042 through the different modes.

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