Do you find it hard to take a proper aim? Or are you whiffing away most of the easy shots even after lots of practice at the shooting range? Chances are, you might be missing out on other crucial aspects that can help you to aim precisely.

Games like Valorant can get very intense in one-on-one situations, and winning a duel is not a piece of cake, especially in such competitive games. One needs to remember that pointing your gun on an opponent’s head and pulling the trigger is not the only thing you need to do to win neither a duel nor it’s that easy. Everyone wants to succeed in one-on-one combat, but even ace snipers often struggle to sail through the 1v1 smoothly. Valorant is the place where the game might not go according to the rule of playbooks, but don’t be disappointed.

Here we have compiled some of the best and exclusive Valorant hacks with aimbot that you can consider winning a 1v1 situation.

1. Make sure your crosshair placement is proper!

Let us ask a question first – how many times have you been caught off guard goofing around the minimap while your crosshair pointing nowhere? In a game where every shot counts and a single shot is enough to kill you, you do not want to lower your odds of winning quick combat by aiming anywhere but not in the center or at the body.

If you do not watch your crosshair placement, and an opponent comes up in front of you with a proper crosshair placement, the odds of you getting killed are pretty high, and we can assure you that no one wants it. So, the biggest favor you can do to yourself in Valorant keeps aiming your crosshair in the center or in the direction where the enemy might show up.

When you are in the midst of the fight, taking a precise aim is what you need, and your crosshair placement plays a crucial role. You might be firing several shots but ends up getting killed with just a single bullet, all because of a wrong crosshair placement. If you want to win a one-to-one firefight, stay calm and try to land that one headshot that will bring you many glories. Try keeping your crosshair placed at the head level or at the torso to land that perfect headshot!

2. Study maps and work on pre-aiming skills!

Maps and pre-aiming are two crucial key points you need to work on to win more aim duels! Sometimes few players might have made you think, “What, how do they know I was here?” The truth is that they don’t. They were just pre-aimed and expected, and someone can keep going based on their map knowledge.

There are places on the map where players usually like to camp, and if you are in one of such areas, chances are you might come across an opponent that was already expecting you. But, how do you escape or survive such situations? First, get through the map properly and pre-aim your crosshair in the area you could expect any opponent to come. This will increase your chances of winning in a sudden close encounter.

3. Adjust your positions while shooting!

If even after pre-aiming your crosshair, you are still whiffing away an easy shot, you might not be firing from a proper angle! So yes, it is important always to be mindful of your positioning, especially when camping or having a close firefight. It is recommended to keep changing your positions and angles to make sure you land that perfect headshot every time.

If you are on top of the building, rather than just taking a shot while standing, try crouching or laying down to make precise aim and land a perfect shot. Not just during a fight, try adjusting your position and angle of weapon when you are camping not to let any of your opponents know your position.

4. Avoid the urge to spray!

During a sudden close encounter, shooting several bullets as soon as you see your enemy may seem like an effective tactic, but it isn’t. Shooting multiple rounds of bullets without aiming comes with a cost, the cost of lowering your odds to win a fight. If you keep ending firing shots aimlessly, all you will end up with is an empty magazine.

Instead, try out tapping! Tapping allows you to land more precise shots without the need to fire constantly. Tapping is a magical and deadly combo to land back-to-back shots with spot-on accuracy when combined with counter-strafing.

It might take time to practice and master these tips, but it does not mean that you will never land a precise shot. With these tips combined with Exclusive Valorant Hacks with Aimbot, you can easily upgrade your gaming skills and land that perfect headshot.

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