Streaming Android Games Through PC

We’re all familiar with game streaming and how professional gamers make money online using Twitch. If you’re new, you probably want to help boost your Twitch account using a variety of methods. Maybe you’ve already tried using StreamOZ to get more followers, but need a way to make your gaming more unique. Why not try playing different games – specifically, Android games. It would set you apart because most users use a console or PC and limit themselves to popular games available for their setup.

The Problem With Streaming Android Games

As you probably already know, Android is an Operating System that runs on smartphones and other mobile devices (such as Tablets). None of those devices has enough processing power to run a game while simultaneously streaming. Managing the two is a heavy load on many low-end computers, let alone a smartphone.

How To Play Android Games On Your PC

If you’re already thinking of streaming on Twitch, then you probably have a powerful gaming setup. The same processing power can be used to perform three functions simultaneously, running an Android game (low processing power required, streaming (heavy processing needed), and emulating Android OS (mid-level processing).

An emulator is a software that anyone can download on a PC to simulate Android OS. You can use it to download games and other Android apps onto your PC. Many of the available Android emulators come with a built-in option to stream on the most popular websites. If the emulator you’ve chosen doesn’t have this option, then you can use streaming software as you normally would.

Don’t limit yourself to Twitch, live streaming is popular on other platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Choose according to the platform you think you have more chances for growth. The bigger screen will give you a different gaming experience, as well as the added control you can have from a gaming keyboard or a USB controller.

The Best Android Games To Stream

We know you’re probably already planning which games to play, so we’ve compiled a short list of suggestions.

Arena of Valor

This is a highly popular mobile game for those who are in the mood for multiplayer online battle arenas. The larger screen will completely change your gameplay, so this would be an interesting change of pace.


Although there is a PC version of this game, it was originally popularized on smartphones. The best part of the mobile version is that it is entirely free, so you can enjoy streaming without paying for anything.

Clash Royale

This is a mobile version of the infamous game Clash of Clans. It is especially popular on Twitch, so you won’t have a problem getting viewers. Additionally, the gameplay is practically addictive. So be warned, you might lose hours of your day to this game.

Streaming from your PC is an excellent way to work around the limitations of Android devices. It will enhance your experience, and your gameplay – all you need is an emulator software, and you’re all set.

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