Before coming to the topic, let me clear one thing. Tencent Gaming Buddy is rebranded as Gameloop now. So the article, you may find both Tencent Gaming Buddy and Gameloop terms in different areas. So don’t get confused. Gameloop is the new name of the popular Android gaming emulator for PC, the Tencent Gaming Buddy.

With virtual games coming to hit last year, one of the most popular games, PUBG, was launched by Tencent. In March, the game was earlier launched as a mobile version for android and iOS users. PUBG has got so much fame that players got addicted to the game in a minimal time. There is no way of resisting the super cool game by the game lovers.


This is a real-time multiplayer shooter game. The game has many controls and activities that make it more interesting and amazing. It has everything from landing from the parachute, finding and collecting weapons, armors, killing and surviving, and the enemies. Thus, the game is a lot of fun, and people are getting more and more familiarized with the game and getting more into it every day. It is also to be noted that mouse click and its speed is the most important factor while playing. So it would help if you practiced speeding up your mouse clicking using any of the speed test tools like Cps Test to play PC games more efficiently.


As the game is launched for the mobile versions, the players sometimes find it difficult to play on small screen phones. This is why the users are always looking up for solutions. Players have started to see how they can play the game on the PC via third-party Android emulators like Bluestack and Nox player. Playing games on computers has always been a different experience for most gamers as they probably started gaming the same way.

The keyboard and the mouse controls are much easier, and users can enjoy the game well on the larger screen. Though these emulators could not fulfill the gamers’ desires and solve the problem, Tencent launched the official PUBG emulator. The Gameloop or the Tencent Emulator also provides a PC emulator for other popular games like Free Fire, Call of Duty, etc.

Tencent Gaming buddy launches the official Tencent PUBG emulator. The company specially designs this emulator to optimize PUBG mobile on the PC using the AOW engine. With the Tencent PUBG Gaming buddy, the keyboard and the mouse are automatically detected. Furthermore, the Gaming Buddy is designed so that the PC resources are utilized optimally. The emulator still exists in the beta phase, providing a smooth and lag-free gaming experience.


Users can download the official emulator developed by the Tencent Games to enjoy the gaming experience on their Windows PC smoothly. The installation package size is 8.4 MB, and it might take some minutes to install the engine. The system installation might be able to take some time as well.

After installing the PUBG emulator on windows PC, the users would be able to get the gaming experience at the frame rate of 60fps. Also, users get the flexibility to choose from the HD, Ultra HD, and Full HD resolutions depending on the display type that their system has. Also, the pro players can manage the memory, DPI settings, and processor speed. Also, the emulator provides some amazing features like choosing between Auto, Smooth, Balanced, and HD display quality. The gameplay can be recorded right from the emulator.

Features of Gameloop Emulator

Compared to the native computer games, the gaming control for PUBG is also similar. This means that you can kill or attack the opponent with the mouse click and rotate the character by moving the mouse pointer. The on-screen buttons are also present, similar to the original android version. In addition, the emulator provides the full-screen mode so that the players can get decent space when they are playing using the mouse and keyboard.


Let us have a look at the features of the emulators in brief:

  • The emulator lets the gamers to play the android game PUBG on the PLC with windows
  • The software automatically installs the game PUBG on its own for the very first time.
  • Gamers can easily customize the PUBG mobile’s control overlay
  • There is no need to create an account or register.
  • Emulator let the users play the game in either of two languages- English or Chinese
  • Also works with the low configuration computers
  • Perfectly configured controls for playing the game on Windows PC.
  • Smooth and no lagging experience


System requirements

You must be tired of playing the game on a smaller screen. The bigger screen of the PC fascinates the players. So if you want to play PUBG on PC, then the system must meet the requirements:

  • Dual-Core CPU with minimum 1.4Ghz
  • RAM – 3 GB
  • Graphics supporting OpenGL 2.0 or DXD 11
  • GPU – Intel HD graphics 4000 or above
  • Windows – 7 and above
  • 32 or 64-bit architecture

How to use the emulator?

Tencent’s emulator is very easy to use, and users can enjoy a smooth gaming experience with it.

How to play the game using the Tencent emulator?

If you are wondering how you can play the game on your Windows PC, here is a quick guide to help you. Follow every step and enjoy the gaming experience on your PC.
On the browser of your PC and go to the official website.


Next, hit on the download button. The download of the file will start. Wait for the download to complete and then move to the next step.

Run the installer and install the emulator on the PC.

You can change the installer location as well according to your requirements.

After completing the installation, you can hit on the start button.

The gaming Buddy will now automatically download the game.

Click on the play button to start gaming.

Tencent Gaming buddy requires no extra skills for installing or operating. In addition, players can play both of the versions of PUG with it- PUBG: Army Attack and Exhilarating Battlefield.

We hope you have found the article helpful. Gameloop is also offering emulators to play games like Call of Duty, Free Fire, etc. We will update them later. Share your gaming reviews and experience with Gameloop in the comment section below.