Gaming has become huge in India for one reason: increased smartphone adoption. It has been found that over half of India’s population will have access to a smartphone by the end of 2020, with millennials being the largest segment of the audience.

While around the rest of the world, gaming desktops, the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One are the dominant names in gaming communities, with mobile gaming seen as a lesser strain of the medium, gaming via smartphones is wildly popular and much more common than console or PC gaming.

The surge in mobile gaming has been a revelation of the last few years in India, with the devices giving users access to huge libraries of most free-to-play games as well as gaming platforms online, which offer free ways to play. But what’s behind the innovative gaming tech that has taken India by storm?

Getting the live and authentic experience

One of the most impressive feats of online gaming, especially through its mobile access, is that of live casino gaming. Instead of just playing a digital version of a classic casino game, in which outcomes are generated by a randomised code, players get to enjoy the real experience streamed to them live for real-time play. As people in India are searching for the ComeOn bonus information for their ₹10,000 casino bonus, they then encounter the flashiest section of the gaming platform: live casino. Using the bonus funds, gamers have been able to enjoy the creations with bonus funds, discovering how entertaining the likes of Monopoly Live, Lightning Roulette, Football Studio, and Deal or No Deal Live are when played on mobile.

But the biggest question that everyone has is: how does live casino gaming work? It’s easy to understand how the games are live streamed, but how is live gaming made possible alongside the real tables and human croupiers? That comes down to optical character recognition (OCR) technology. The innovative tech works as image-recognition software that sees an image, registers its meaning, and then converts it for digital use. Once the characters are recognised, the tech then informs the computer software on how to react. In the case of a live casino game like Free Bet Blackjack, the OCR recognises the card numbers, digitises them, and then the software determines winners from the huge online gaming audience.

Ensuring that everyone can play together

One issue for gamers that has plagued the audience around the world is that players on different platforms can’t play the same game together. In India, PUBG Mobile is the dominant title in mobile gaming, sitting atop the charts for both Android and Apple users consistently. Now, thanks to the development team behind PUBG Mobile, not only can Android and Apple players compete alongside each other in the Battle Royale-themed shooter, but even PC gamers can play against mobile-based opponents. The tech revelation is known as cross-play, and developers all over the world are exploring ways to utilise the new way to play.

While PUBG and PUBG Mobile are very different entities, it should be noted that the less demanding Battle Royale-themed game Fortnite has been able to achieve near-seamless cross-play between mobiles, computers, and consoles. Of course, in India, mobile cross-play means that the vast majority of the audience can play alongside each other, and in the case of PUBG Mobile, this was achieved through the use of the Unreal Engine 4.

The key for developers who wish to embark on creating a cross-play game is using the right engine. Some engines can’t manage a team establishing a cross-play format between the various platforms, but ones like the Unreal Engine, Unity3D, and even Cocos2d-x/JS enable developers to make their game viable across both mobile gaming platforms and more.

People all over India are discovering the wonderful modern world of gaming, with the tech innovations implemented to deliver live casino gaming and cross-play being among the chief causes behind the steep rise in popularity of the entertainment medium.

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