YuppTV Review – The Best Indian Live TV Service with Unlimited Movies

Are you looking for a best and cheap live tv service for your mobile, desktop or even tablet, then YuppTV is a best choice. Many of you have already heard of this, but here i will let you know in detail about the service. I am using this for the past few months and i will let you know my experience in this article.

First of all, YuppTV is a an OTT (Over The Top) service which provides Live TV, Movies etc. The company started its service in United States in the vision of providing Live Indian TV channels to all the Indians there over the Internet. At the time, most of the Indian channels there not available there on the cable network and even they where expensive too. YuppTV then provided cheap Internet TV service to all the Indian living there with Movies, Catch UP Tv etc.

Catch UP TV is the service provided by YuppTV which let you watch all the previous programs for each channel at any time you need. The service will keep the programs up to 7 days. So all the previous 7 days programs you can watch later on your convenience. This feature is much helpful those who miss some programs. YuppTV mainly focus on South Indian Channels, you will also get Hindi and English Programs too.

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Now, YuppTV offering its service in more regions including India, Australia, Canada, Europe, Fiji, Guyana, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Middle East, New Zealand, Nigeria, Qatar, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom etc. Each area having different channel package and rates.

Recently YuppTV started its service in India too with selected number of channels and you can watch all at a rate of Rs.99 per month of if you need to watch it for only one day. it will be available for Rs.5 and for one week it will be for Rs. 30.

I am using this service in UAE for the last few months and i am pretty happy with it. Their service is optimized for the Internet connection and the channel streams are coming from multiple streaming servers. so it will automatically stream the content according to your internet speed. You will be getting High Quality if you are in a decent Internet speed and for slow speed, it will stream from low quality streaming server. But from my experience, if you are using 1mbps or 2mbps internet connection, you will get High Quality video.

As i mentioned above, all there channels are High Quality, so if you stream the channels on your TV using Chromecast, fire tv stick or any other streaming device, you will be getting High Quality, it is even better than Cable TV channels. YuppTV also having there on TV channels for movies like BBO, MBO, TBO etc. Another best thing is there attractive packages. You can choose from there different packages, like Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu etc. And now with all the packages, they are providing YuppFlix for free. YuppFlix is their Streaming service where you can watch unlimited movies TV Shows etc. It is like Hotstar, Netflix, Prime Video etc. We will see that in detail later.

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One important thing i missed. Its there support. From my experience their support was amazing. The live support will be available 24×7 via phone and chat. You can contact them via call them or can chat from the website, if anything needed and they will help you definitely. The support team is understandable and they will fix you issues in no time.

Following are some Pros and Cons of YuppTV

  • 1. Lot of Live TV Channels
  • 2. All the channels are in High QUality
  • 3. No Downtime
  • 4. Optimized to perform in different internet speed
  • 5. Attractive packages
  • 6. Good customer support
  • 7. Watch on Android, IOS, Desktop etc
  • 8. Chromecast support
  • 1. No HD channels available
  • 2. No sports channel availble
  • 3. Geo restriction – If you purchase a package from UAE, USA or any other country, you cannot use that if you go to another country. You have to get separate package for that country. This is one thing i doesn’t like. If you are a frequent traveler or you go to another country on vacation, you cannot use your subscription. YuppTV should consider this matter and will be better if they make it like Netflix or Prime Videos, in which they will use the same subscription for all the countries, but content will only change.

Anyway, other than this, the service is good and i recommend you to try it before taking a subscription. For India goto yupptv.in and for rest of the world visit yupptv.com

3 thoughts on “YuppTV Review – The Best Indian Live TV Service with Unlimited Movies”

  1. Bad customer service
    They were quick to contact and have us subscribed. Later a channel which was the primary reason to subscribe for us was removed from subscription due to differences between the channel and yupptv. Response speed is more than a week now and have been asking to terminate subscription but they won’t listen anymore. Beware, once subscribed you are on your own.
    Another disrespectful act from them – they contact you as part of response to reviews claiming they will resolve so that it shows up on the review websites that they will address all concerns. In reality I haven’t been contacted neither has there been a response for over 2 weeks now. You truly are on your own


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