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Are you a streamer tired of managing your online streams manually? And are you looking forward to a new and exciting method to engage with your audience? Well, if yes, then we have one exciting tool for you. Let’s introduce ourselves to Streamlabs Cloudbot.

Streamlabs Cloudbot is an innovative tool and a versatile chatbox that allow streamers to automate their stream chat and engage smoothly with their audience. This versatile tool also helps streamers play mini-games with their viewers and run giveaways during live chat.

Streamlabs Cloudbot is entirely cloud-based, unlike the other traditional chatbox you may know. Streamers do not have to worry about the bot running on their local machine. It can run even when the computer is turned off. Streamlabs Cloudbot has a user-friendly interface, and within some time, anyone can master its usage. However, that’s all just the start. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned streamer, this versatile chatbox has much to offer. This perfect addition to your streaming toolkit will surprise you with its endless features.

So, are you ready to Know More About Streamlabs Cloudbot? If yes, dive in with our detailed guide below and make the most of it.

More about Streamlabs Cloudbot

Streamlabs Cloudbot is a cloud-based chatbot that enables users to add interactive and automated features to their streaming. It is accessible via, and this Cloudbot allows streamers to respond to chat messages, run giveaways, manage their community, and much more. Additionally, StreamLabs CloudBot is adaptable to various streaming platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook Gaming.

Streamlabs Cloudbot has always been a powerful tool for streamers, but it has only improved in the past few months. The addition of new features and updates has improved its functionality. So even though it was already full of a range of helpful features, the new add-ons are taking the streaming game to another level.

How to enable the Cloudbot section?

Enabling the Cloudbot section is a straightforward process. All you need to do is:

  • Open webpage, login with your account credentials and navigate to its dashboard. Now select Stream Essentials and click on Cloudbot.
  • Further, on the top left corner of the screen, toggle on the Cloudbot button.
  • Then move on to your Twitch channel, and activate Steamlabs. You can do so by typing /mod Streamlabs in the chat.

YouTube streamers can mod Streamlabs by navigating to YouTube Studio >> Settings >> Community and add Steamalabs YouTube link. (

Steps to add Custom Cloudbot Commands?

For adding Custom Cloudbot Commands:

  • Within the same Cloudbot dashboard, navigate to Command section and click on it.
  • Now click on Add Command , and you will get an option to add your preferred commands on the newly opened screen. Here you can add any desired command and change other settings. Make sure you click on Confirm to make the changes applied.

Streamlabs Cloudbot: Key Features

One of the most useful features of StreamLabs Cloudbot is its ability to automatically moderate chatrooms. This feature enables the streamer to create chatroom rules, filter unwanted words and phrases, ban users who violate the rules, and prevent links from being posted. This helps streamers maintain a safe and welcoming environment for their viewers.

Another great feature of StreamLabs Cloudbot is its ability to integrate with other tools. This includes access to services like Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Steam, and more. This makes keeping track of conversations across multiple platforms simple, ensuring streamers don’t miss critical discussions.

StreamLabs CloudBot provides numerous customization options, allowing streamers to change the bot according to their specific requirements. In addition, custom commands and responses, timers, polls, and other features are included. These features allow streamers to easily customize their experience and ensure that their chatbot provides the best possible experience for their viewers.

Here are some details about Streamlabs additional features

Cloudbot Loyalty Store

This popular feature allows streamers to reward their loyal viewers with points. Viewers can further redeem these points for various rewards in the Loyalty Store. The Loyalty Store feature is fully customizable, where streamers can add and manage their rewards. In addition, streamers can also customize Loyalty Store alerts to match their branding and personality.

Keyword Command/ Additional Command

Keyword Commands or Additional Commands are the key features of Streamlabs Cloudbot. This feature allows streamers to custom commands that trigger a specified response upon finding a certain phrase or keyword in the chat. For instance, if someone types ‘Social’ in the chat, streamers can custom Command to reply with the link to their Social media profile. The Keyword command henceforth will pick the Social keyword every time and generate an automatic reply. Or, if someone type ‘Meme’ in the chatbot, streamers can custom Command that will reply with a funny meme.


Mii-games are another newly added feature that allows streamers to add interactive mini-games and activities to their chat. This feature conveniently keeps viewers entertained and engaged during a live chat. Streamers can choose from various games and add the selective ones to their cart. From complex mini-games to simple trivia games, options like these allow viewers to earn points and rewards. Streamers can, in fact, fully customize the games to fit the feel and look of their live stream. Everything from images, sounds, and rules can be modified to add that personal touch.

User Management

This helpful feature allows streamers to keep track of user activity like chat, points, history, loyalty status, and more. Streamers can identify their most loyal viewers and further reward them with custom rewards. This feature also allows streamers to identify and ban unwanted users from their chatbox, especially spammers and trollers. User Management will also enable streamers to set custom permissions for VIPs, moderators, and other groups. Allowing control over who can perform specific actions in their chat aids in managing the chat in a better way.

Creator Sites Integration

The Creator Sites Integration is closely related to loyalty and engagement. The said feature allows streamers to add additional components directly onto their websites. In simpler words, streamers can create custom rewards for their viewers. For example, they can give points to the viewers for watching and engaging with the stream. These points will further come in handy to unlock special perks, including discounts on merch, giveaways, and exclusive content.


This feature allows streamers to transfer their chatbot settings to the Cloudbot system. Earlier, streamers have to manually recreate their chatbot settings in Cloudbot when wanting to switch. However, this new feature saves time and effort, especially for streamers who have spent much time customizing their chatbot settings but want to change to Cloudbot without losing the existing configuration.

Mod tools

The feature allows streamers and moderators to hide punishment messages from the chat box. This feature proves helpful when chats are flooded with messages, and a punishment message may escalate the situation. To use this feature, moderators must enable the “hide punishment messages” directly from the Cloudbot settings.

Do you need Streamlabs Pro for Cloudbot?

No, for using Cloudbot, Streamlabs prime isn’t necessary. Streamlabs Cloudbot is free for all Streamlabs users, even those using a free account. Streamlabs Cloudbot is a standalone chatbot system, and streamers can use it without a Prime subscription. However, additional features and benefits like custom merch stores, priority support, etc., come with the Prime subscription only. Streamers who want to utilize other features may have to consider a Prime subscription, but for using Streamlabs Cloudbot, it isn’t necessary.

Wrapping up

Streamlabs Cloudbot is a beneficial tool for streamers. With it in use, streamers can automate their stream chat while engaging with their audience for a more personalized experience. The chatbox has various features that allow streamers to keep viewers entertained and engaged. If you are also a streamer looking to engage with your audience and enhance your streaming experience, give it a try to Streamlabs Cloudbot.

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