Twitch is the largest game streaming platform, with 140 million users. In addition, thousands of people log into the platform to watch game streams and live sessions. For the creators, this means a way to earn money while doing their favorite thing; gaming.

But most successful Twitch streamers rely heavily on upgraded PCs to do the job. Does that mean you must also invest in a PC to become a streamer? What if you’re good at mobile games?

Don’t worry about that because you can stream mobile games on Twitch. Let’s discuss the 4-easy ways to be a mobile game streamer on Twitch!

Is Streaming Mobile Games on Twitch Worth It?

Yes, streaming mobile games on Twitch is worth it. PUBG, OverWatch, CounterStrike, and many other mobile PC games are now available.

People want to see how pro gamers tackle the game with limited control and app features. And don’t just take our word for it. Garena Free Fire gained 73 million watch hours in one year (that’s more than PUBG and Apex Legends!).

Besides, with thousands of users, Twitch has a market for every type of stream. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re streaming cooking tutorials or ask-me-anything sessions. You just need to know how to increase viewership.

If you’re completely new to the platform, we recommend giving your channel a head start using an organic growth service like Twitch Booster. You’ll gain followers and views through organic means. Seeing this, more people will want to check out your streams!

4-Easy Ways to Stream Mobile Games on Twitch

Twitch Mobile App

The Twitch mobile app is a recent addition to the platform. It’s still developing, so the app features aren’t so high-end. But it’s something to get started on.

First, you’ll have to make a Twitch creator account. If you already have one, just enter your login details. There will be two options; Stream Games (Beta) and Stream IRL.

When you click on the camera and select Stream Games, a Twitch icon will pop up on your mobile screen. You can click on it to select how to start and control the stream, like viewing the activity feed and unmuting the microphone.

Since the app doesn’t support overlays, you cannot add the chat and activity feed to your broadcast. However, we might see these upgrades in the future.


Before the Twitch app introduced the stream option, people typically used StreamLabs to stream their mobile games. The app offers abundant options to make your stream interesting and exciting. These include:

  • Show your image on the stream via the front camera.
  • Add an overlay like widgets, custom elements, and labels.
  • Import themes to personalize your overlays (paid version)
  • Multistream the game on different platforms (paid version)

All you have to do is create an account and link your Twitch account to the app. They will send you a confirmation number and ask permission to use the microphone. Once that’s done, you can begin streaming!


MobCrush is another great option to stream mobile games on Twitch. Similar to StreamLabs, it’s available for both iOS and Android users. In addition, it lets you stream on multiple platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.

But to begin streaming on mobile, you must first create an account on the MobCrush website. They don’t have a signup option on the app. You can only sign in.

Once done, enable the streaming option in the mobile settings. The app won’t be able to stream until you give it this permission. After doing this, open MobCrush and link your Twitch account.

Now, you’re all set to begin the game streaming. Click on the streaming platform, enter the Broadcast title, go to the control center, and select Start Broadcast. This will give you 3-seconds to open the game before you go live.

Please note that all streams are automatically uploaded on MobCrush too. So people using the app can watch your streams directly from there.

Streaming Mobile Games on Computer

If you’ve got a computer but want to stream mobile games, then there’s an easy way to make that happen; OBS.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free program you can download on your desktop. It lets you record offline videos and stream them on multiple streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

So, first, download it on your PC. Then, connect your mobile using an HDMI cable. Next, open OBS on the computer, select the game and start broadcasting.

If HDMI doesn’t work with your mobile, use Reflector 3. It’s an application for wireless mirroring the screen on your computer.

Just download the app on your iOS or Android device. Now, connect the device to your PC in the app settings. Once done, select the streaming platform (Twitch) and add the media sources you want to broadcast.

Last Words

All in all, streaming mobile games on Twitch is fairly straightforward. You can use the Twitch mobile app, StreamLabs, and MobCrush. If you want two screens simultaneously, you can stream mobile games on the computer using HDMI or Reflector 3.

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