We all know what cloud storage and for what purpose we are using that. In this category, we are familiar with some cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Microsoft’s OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, etc. But how many of you have heard of pCloud. We are choosing our cloud storage depends upon our needs, some people will look for a cheaper price range, some will look for features, some others will look for fast access, etc. It will vary as per our needs.

Even though so many services available, the established services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc are the winning services and it is the most used services now. But we can choose some alternative cloud services like pCloud. In this post, I will let you know, why I am using pCloud and what all features I like from this when compared to other cloud storage whereas you can see also all the features in my previous post.

Free 20GB Space

pCloud offers you a lifetime 20GB storage for you, whereas other services will give you 5GB or 10GB. While registering to pCloud, you will be getting 10GB of storage which you can further increase up to 20GB by connecting social accounts or by inviting other users.

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Affordable Package

pCloud offers basically 4 packages with 2 of them are monthly/yearly subscription-based and 2 of them are one-time payment plan

  1. 500GB storage with a monthly subscription of $4.99 and if you are paying yearly you have to pay only $47.88/Year which is effectively $3.99 per month
  2. 2TB storage with a monthly subscription of $9.99 and if you are paying yearly you have to pay only $95.88/Year which is effectively $7.99 per month
  3. 500GB storage with a one time payment of $125
  4. 2TB storage with a one time payment of $250

Get the the 500GB Plan for $47.88 per year or 4.99 per month

I started with the free package and later upgraded to a 500GB plan, which is enough for me now. Since they accept payment via Play Store other than Paypal and credit card you can make payment as per the local currency. In India, the price will automatically be shown in Rupee and we can make payment directly via the Play Store. All the plans are easily upgradeable too.

Fast Upload and Download

This is one of the best things I found in pCloud compared to other services, there file upload and download is extremely fast. You can even upload files of big size very fast. As you know, it will depend on your internet speed only. But in general, when compared to Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox in the same internet speed, pCloud is the fastest one.

Unlimited File Size

You can upload files of any size into your pCloud Drive, there is no size limit and any file size will be uploaded without any problem

pCloud Drive and File Sync

This is also one best feature which is not available in other services. You can download their software for windows or Mac and after installation you can see that the pCloud will act as a separate Drive. It will create a new drive in your PC/Mac with drive letter P which will act as a new local drive.

In other services, after installing there application we have to choose a local folder for syncing files and all the files in your cloud storage will are synced to this local drive. Thus both local and cloud storage use the space. If you have a 100GB file in your Google Drive or OneDrive, after syncing to the local system it will take 100GB space on your computer too.

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Here in pCloud the story is different, all the files are stored in the cloud server only, and the Drive-in your PC is only an image of that cloud server, you can see all the files in the server and pcloud will not use your local computer space.

If you want to open a file, it will download the file to the local system’s cache folder and you can do your changes on it and after closing that file, the changed file will be synced to the cloud and release your cache space. In this process you will not see anything, you will just see each action as if you are accessing your local files.

In order to upload files or folders to your pCloud, just copy your files to your pCloud Drive as like the normal copy and past thing in your computer, pcloud will temporarily save all the new files to your local cache and will start upload automatically and the upload finishes it will delete the file from the cache.

So you will not find any delay on it, unlike a green tick mark showing that sync is completed. You will be getting mobile application for your android or IOS device also.

File Revisions

You can review all the deleted files from your Trash Folder for a period of 30 days and you can restore if needed. This trash space will not be calculated on your total available space.

Get the 2TB Plan for $95.88 per year or $9.99 per month

File Sharing and Upload Folder

You can share your files with other people by creating a share link. You can set expiry date, password, etc for your files. You can also create a public upload link are share it to other people, User having the link can upload their files directly to your preferred pCloud Folder.

This option is much useful if you want to receive bigger files from a person which is not easy to share via email or another service. This option can be useful and you can avoid the use of WeTransfer here.

Public Folder

This is one new feature added by pCloud, you can set any folder as a public folder and the files inside the folder will be available publicly if you share the public URL to others. This option is also much useful in case you want to use any image on your website as a CDN other than uploading directly to your website. I am using this feature to load images to my website now.

Other than the above-mentioned feature, you can have so many features from pCloud which I already mentioned in my other post. But these are some main feature which makes pCloud Different from other services. I recommend you to just try for it or buy a plan which is suitable for you.

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