Why Cloud Based Call Center Software is Perfect for Small Businesses?

Small businesses tend to work on a regional basis, conversing with people intimately and personally. Therefore, when we start something, the first few customers are usually from partnerships and friendships made in our professional/personal lives.

Cash-strapped and light on resources, entrepreneurs are always looking for tools that help them scale up and provide the proper support. The right products can accelerate your business growth and keep the customers satisfied.

Why not chat? Or social media? Why phones?

Phones have been the standard medium of communication for the last two decades. And for an excellent reason.

To date, despite the newer channels gradually stepping into the conversation game, we tend to cushion phone calls for deeper, time-sensitive conversations. But why? For a fact, aren’t chat, Twitter, or Facebook channels the more advanced, cost-cutting, and tech-savvy millennial alternatives. Maybe that’s the real problem.

Expecting a whole generation of users to suddenly switch to channels that might need some extra effort from their end is the actual gap. When the idea of tech innovation is to simplify life, these new alternatives do just the opposite.

At a more granular level, this leaves us to realize the upper hand that phone calls have in terms of accuracy, relatability, instant responses, and beyond all, the relief of being heard out and understood by someone as human as the caller.

Make it ‘Personal’. Build your business call center

Most businesses use voice calls as a vital communication channel, be it internally among employees or customers, as well as reaching prospects. Phone calls are great because they help businesses provide instant gratification to their customers or prospects. As you know, since calls are to be made in different regions, most businesses use VoIP for all call center activities. However, it is important to know which VoIP service is better when choosing your need, and you need to know, how does VoIP work to get the better idea.

Phone calls also give you the chance to endear yourself to every caller. However, it would sabotage your business to strap yourself to capital-heavy, time-consuming products that seriously drain your revenue. You need an intelligent purchase that will neither be difficult to implement nor cause a strain on the liquidity! You need to go for cloud-based call center software.

All aboard the cloud-based call center software bandwagon

Cloud-based call center software such as Freshcaller, Aircall, Grasshopper help you in creating and building your phone team in minutes. There is no waiting time for the hardware to arrive, nor do you need to download any software for it to work.

All you need is a browser and a working internet connection. Your phone team can pick up calls from their laptop, add notes, record calls, etc. You can add or remove phone numbers, team-members and change call handling rules at any time without downtime. You do not have to worry about the maintenance of the phone systems or downtimes due to local/national emergencies.

Your call center is hosted on a globally distributed architecture, ensuring that you do not have downtime owing to the call center software not working.

Purchasing phone numbers whether local or toll-free is simple using a cloud-based call center software.

You can purchase phone numbers in minutes while changing the routing rules on the fly. Cloud-based call center software provides a pricing model based on the number of your employees using the platform. There will be a per-agent fee as well as a charge for calls.

Is the switch from hard phone to cloud easy?

Most of us grew up using hard phones, which has helped shape the idea of control over phone systems and how we handle calls. To date, several people talk about how they like picking up the receiver and talking to customers. However, the advantages of attending the phone call without a rugged phone outweigh the excuse of being used to it. Cloud-based phone calls let you be productive at home or in the office.

While attending calls on your browser, you can also transfer the calls to another agent or a different team without having to remember their extension or phone number. In addition, you can always take notes along with the call without rushing for a pen and paper. Even better is that your notes and previous call conversations are available when you are talking to the customer again.

Is the switch from on-premise to cloud call center software easy?

The extent of work that a cloud call center software demands need no separate mention. A typical day is already stuffed with a fleet of calls and a queue of customers waiting to be heard. Where handling humans is in itself a big challenge, enough to keep you up and run through the day, on-premise software will not lessen your burden at any cost.

It’s often seen to waste a considerable share of your time and money in fixing the system. Dealing with the downtime, hardware glitches, maintenance, and everything a physical device demand shifts your focus from spending quality time handling the more pressing issues.

So, moving to a cloud center gives you that bit of breathing space to focus better on delivering quality support to your customers sans all complications of an on-premise one.

Cloud-based call center software is the future for all businesses. It is simple, intuitive, and perfectly fits the bill for a small but growing business. If you want to use a phone system for your business but want our recommendations, please comment below with your requirements. We will guide you as per your requirements.

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