When Online communication is a trending way of connecting, Discord emerges as one of the most popular platforms. Discord is a popular communication platform initially developed by games but is now used by anyone who wishes to. Presently, it has an estimated 196.2 million monthly active users. Discord offers a wide range of features to enhance interactions.

One of its unique features is the Invisible/ Blank Message feature. This intriguing aspect remains hidden from plain sight. Discord allows users to discreetly share information with others by unlocking the power of invisible messages. It adds that extra layer of mystery and intrigue to their Discord experience. But the real question is, “How to Send Invisible Messages on Discord??

Join us in this article as we unfold the methods of Sending Invisible Messages on Discord. This article will guide you through the process of keeping everything simple. Whether you want to create hidden codes, explore possibilities, or want to surprise your friends, this unique Discord feature has got you covered.

Methods To Send Invisible Messages On Discord?

1: Use Double Stars (**)

Open Discord Chat for anyone you wish to send a hidden message to. Now type ** ** (Double Stars twice) with a space in between. Send it to the concerned chat, and the individual on the other side will receive a message notification. However, since the actual message is empty, no content will make it an invisible message.

2: Use The Underscore (_ _)

Another similar method to send invisible messages on Discord is via Underscore (_). All you need to do is, open a Discord chat, type “_” and press the space bar as many times as you want. Now again, press _, and it will activate a special code. Directly send the message, and as the receiver gets a notification, the message will appear blank.

If there is any text in the space between the underscores, a unique code will be activated; if there is only space, the content will be hidden.

3: Use Triple Stars (***)

For something extra, Discord’s Invisible Message feature suggests using “***” triple stars or three asterisks instead of two. All you need to do is, open a Discord chat, type ***, press the space bar multiple types, again type ***, and send the message. Using *** *** is generally for bold and italic text.

4: Use Two Vertical Bars (||)

This method won’t send an invisible but a blank message with something unusual. All you need to do is, open a Discord chat, type “|” press as many Space Bars as you want, and then again type “|”. The blank portion between both vertical bars will appear grey when the receiver opens the message. The receiver won’t find any text.

The best part about using this trick is that it also does the same thing with text. If you enter a text between two || vertical bars, this method will also grey the text.
However, upon clicking on the grey section, the receiver can reveal the message quickly. This also counts as sending a Blank message on Discord.

Why Should I Send Invisible Messages On Discord?

Sending Invisible or Blank Messages on Discord is nothing but an act of fun. You can do this to have a fun time with friends or family. Send your known a blank message only for them to realize there’s nothing to read.

It will develop curiosity in receivers’ minds, and they may ask you multiple questions about how you did it. Moreover, it won’t go through if you try to send an empty message without using one of the above techniques. At this point, Discord will act as if you haven’t typed anything.

Why Is Discord Not Letting Me Send Messages?

If Discord is not letting you send messages, there could be some reasons. You Should:

  1. Check if you have accidentally disabled direct messages on your shared server.
  2. Check whether you don’t share a server with the receiver. If not, it may be why Discord isn’t allowing you to send messages.
  3. Check whether you have completed your shared server’s required membership screening steps. If not, chances are Discord may not let you send messages.
  4. If you aren’t able to send Discord messages to a particular recipient, chances are that they may have blocked you.
  5. Discord may not allow you to send direct messages to recipients who only accept messages from friends.
  6. Or, if Discord is not letting you send messages, it can be due to some technical error. Try reaching out to the Discord support team at https://support.discord.com/. The concerned individuals may be able to assist you further.

Why Can’t I See Blank Messages When I Copy Paste Blank Space On Discord?

You may not see blank messages when copy-pasting empty space on Discord because you might use a space between the code, like “* *” instead of “**.” This is because the space isn’t a Unicode character.

Consider Unicode as a way to convert text into computer code. Even though every single alphabet/ letter or even blank space has a Unicode attached to it. However, the Blank space in Discord doesn’t have traditional Unicode; therefore, you cannot read the messages.

Does Discord Read Your Texts?

Discord cannot read your Invisible/ Blank messages but can read all the other general messages. Discord’s admin team can read messages sent on private servers and other private messages. This monitoring safeguards the platform from phishing, scams, and abuse.

However, even after that, Discord doesn’t spy on its users. The Discord’s admin team will read messages only when reports have flagged them. Only a dedicated trust and safety team with specific employees will read your texts under chosen conditions.


These were the four easy and unique methods to send invisible messages on Discord. If you find these methods creative, you can have fun with your friends and family on Discord. So, since you know a new Discord trick now, get started with it.