Discord Spoilers – How to Use Spoiler Tag on Discord?

If you’re a fan of online gaming, you’ve probably heard of Discord. It’s a popular voice and text chat app that’s especially popular with gamers. One of the great things about Discord is the spoiler tag feature.

This lets you hide spoilers for TV shows, movies, and games in your chat messages until after people have had a chance to see them. This article will tell you how you can use the spoiler tag on Discord. But for this, let’s take an overview of the spoiler tag.

What are Discord Spoilers?

When communicating with others, it can be hard to know when our messages might have a surprise twist that could spoil the fun for someone else. Therefore, discord has spoiler tags to protect those who don’t want the surprise ruined. A discord spoilers tag is a way of sending text or images over Discord, where the content of the message will only be revealed after clicking on a special discord spoiler tag button next to the reader.

This way, users can decide if they want to find out what’s behind the tag and when they are ready. In addition, the discord spoiler tag notifies users that there is potentially sensitive information ahead so that they can choose whether or not to click on it. Thanks to discord spoiler tags, users can communicate freely without having their conversation ruined by inadvertent spoilers!

Why should users use a spoiler tag on Discord?

For gamers, it can be frustrating to discover essential plot details by accident. The best way to avoid spoilers while communicating on Discord is to utilize the spoiler tag.

Not only does it indicate that a comment or thought may spoil an experience, but it also hides the actual content so that users can decide whether they want to view it. Using the discord spoiler tag, users can help protect each other from accidental exposure to important plot points and retain control over their gaming experiences.

Additionally, discord spoiler tags are beneficial when users are discussing media that are still in theatres or available exclusively on subscription services—without a spoiler tag, they might accidentally ruin something for others who haven’t had a chance to see it yet! Finally, discord spoiler tags are essential for maintaining healthy conversations and respectful relationships between discord users.

So, next time you bring up an important game or movie twist—consider wrapping your content in Discord’s handy & trusty spoiler tag. It may be the difference between friends & frenemies.

How to use a spoiler tag on Discord?

Whether you’re having a friendly debate in the group chat or revealing the secret ending of a shared movie, there are times when you want to hide specific text in Discord. Fortunately, Discord makes it easy to do this with spoiler tags.

To use a spoiler tag on Discord, first, ensure you post your message on a server where spoilers are allowed. Then, choose the text that needs to be hidden and either enclose it between two vertical bars (e.g., ||message||) or highlight it within your post.

Finally, press the “spoiler” button at the bottom of your message box; this will convert your message into a block of black pixels that reveals itself once clicked on by users.

This simple tool lets you easily control when and who can receive sensitive information without fear of accidental visibility. So whether you’re drawing attention away from vital plot points or simply sharing something juicy with select friends, spoiler tags offer flexibility for Discord with discretion.

How can a user put a spoiler on Discord?

So, you want to know how to put spoilers on discord? If you want to know how to put spoilers on discord, then let us tell you that doing it is pretty straightforward.

It can be incredibly annoying to have the plot of your favorite show ruined by someone posting a spoiler on Discord. Fortunately, there is now a way to prevent that from happening. Users can add the “spoiler” tag when sending a message on Discord. This tag tells the client how to mark your post so it will not appear until someone clicks to reveal it.

To put a spoiler tag on a message, simply hit the “+” icon next to the text field and select “spoiler” from the list of options. You can type out your message and ensure it has been marked as a spoiler before you hit send.

That way, no unsuspecting users will accidentally come across any juicy plotlines you were hoping to share! These small steps will help ensure everyone on your server can enjoy their favorite stories without having them spoiled first.

How can a user mark a spoiler on Discord?

Many people encounter an issue on Discord: how to mark spoilers on discord. So if you don’t know how to mark spoiler on discord, then let us tell you there are several ways to do this.

The first and most straightforward way is to click the ‘spoiler’ tick box when composing a message. This will mask the post behind two vertical bars of underscores. Another way to do this is by placing two vertical bars at the beginning and end of a phrase or sentence, along with two sets of triangular brackets.

This will also create a hidden block for those who don’t want to see it. Additionally, those who need to submit code blocks and other long texts can use triple backticks (“`) at the beginning and end of their post to correctly highlight words using language-specific rules.

Overall, users have several options for hidden text or mark spoilers on discord, making conversations easier for everyone involved. In either case, it is essential to remember that people should always be mindful when keeping spoilers since you never know how someone else may react.

How can a user put a spoiler on Discord?

If you are a frequent user of the popular voice and text chat platform, Discord, you may have encountered spoilers that can make or break a conversation. Fortunately, learning how to put a spoiler on Discord is easy.

To begin, type a “//” followed by the word “spoiler”. Then, write your message in between the two asterisks. Ensure not to include any additional spacing or characters after your message. To view the spoiler message, users can press and hold on to the emoji generated as soon as they press enter on their keyboard.

This works exceptionally well on touchscreens as it allows for a quick spoiler view without ever including the text on other screens. By taking these simple steps into account, any Discord user can easily control how much information they give away when posting something with potential spoilers.

Once everyone knows how this works, conversations become far more cohesive while keeping those pesky surprises fresh and exciting! That way, nobody winds up blindsided by an unexpected plot twist before getting a chance to experience it fully! So, this is how to put a spoiler on discord.


When you use Discord Spoilers or spoilers on Discord, people in the chat will have to hover over your message to see it. This is a great way to keep things fair for everyone and avoid spoiling anything for anyone who doesn’t want to know yet. So next time you’re about to drop a central plot point or ending, make sure to use the spoiler discord tag!

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