When users strive to please one person on Discord, whoever gives them a Nitro is called a Discord Kitten or Sugar Baby. And in Discord slang, those who financially own Discord kittens are called Kitten’s Daddy. The users on this Discord server, Kitten Daddies, provide the Nitro to their kittens. The kittens will do whatever it takes to make the Daddy happy. You’ll be introduced to a discord kitten and other essential knowledge here.

What is Discord Kitten Meaning?

Discord Kitten can be described as Discord, the slang term for a “sugar baby” or one who receives products such as services, gifts, or other advantages (such as Discord Nitro) to gain friendship or a dating relationship. Discord Kittens could be female or male and can be used thoughtfully and humorously.

Discord Kitten

In 2016, discord kittens were first introduced, but in 2019, they became more popular, and in 2020, they became a meme on Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit.

For instance, when someone bestows Discord Nitro to another user, the person awarded one might be called their Discord Kitten. This would be an example of the term being used sarcastically.

On the other hand, many dating sites and chat spaces on Discord seek other people to offer them something to make friends.

As a term, Discord Kittens are people who want to be taken care of materially, but this would be an example of the time being used seriously, not jokingly.

What was the origination of Discord Kitten?

According to a Twitter post by Twitter user SlaytypeDA, the earliest mention of Discord Kittens came on December 31, 2016, and received two likes in six years. All told this tweet was coined by the exact usage of the term in private Discord servers, and it spread outward before becoming a clichΓ© and vernacular.

At the beginning of 2017, Redditors began to make posts in which they referred to them as “kittens” and wanted to make connections with others on Discord. The posts were posted to subreddits designed to connect people with shared interests.

For example, the first well-known Reddit post of this kind on January 17, 2017, by Redditor Kiibun in the subreddit /r/GamerPals, specifically designed for gamers who want to make friends online. In Kiibun’s article, she states she has a “kitten nickname,” which is “Maggie.” Unfortunately, the post only garnered two upvotes but nine comments, all of which were men in Discord posts intending to meet with the Kitten.

On September 21, 2017, Redditor schwifterr made a post to r/teenagers titled, actual secondhand cringe. In that post, they talked about a kid they know on Discord at their school and mentioned once having referred to someone in real life as a kitten. This was brought up and got some recognition, which was heightened throughout the year 2017.

On August 30, 2019, Twitter user @strwbearrie posted a tweet reading; Daddy will be back on Discord soon, Kitten, that received nine likes over three years. That post is the first mention online of Daddy and Discord Kitten as the same. On November 27, 2019, Twitter user @markcord posted a tweet referencing Daddy and Discord Kitten and received over 110 likes over two years.

In February 2020, Twitter user HAMMETTBITCH posted a tweet that captioned, “I’ll be on Discord later tonight, kitten.” It was the first time anyone on Twitter had done so, and it received only four likes. Finally, a Twitter user named scobesx posted a tweet entitled “Neckbeard Nest” on April 14, 2020, along with the caption, “Daddy will be on Discord soon kitten,” garnering over 840 likes in two years.

On June 25, 2020, Redditor weebthrowawyaccount shared an image on /r/justneckbeardthings, captioned hop on Discord, Kitten, and received over 300 upvotes.

“Discord Kitten” wasn’t added to Urban Dictionary until September 23, 2020, posted by the user k1rbytop1.

On April 26, Quackity tweeted Discord kitten and has been liked over 274,500 times over seven months.

What is a Discord Kitten and Kitten Daddy on Discord?

The Discord Daddy, known as the Kitten Daddy, cares for Discord Kittens. Discord Daddy may gift Discord Nitro or money to Discord Kittens.

What’s the significance of The Discord Kitten Meme?

A Discord kitten meme refers to Discord users who refer to themselves as kittens or search for kittens. Kittens are typically female users who receive Nitro as a reward in exchange for making her “Discord daddy’ pleased, which is usually an adult male. The expression could vary from “uwu” to many more. The meaning behind Discord Kitten is undoubtedly an interesting one.

In this type of relationship situation, the Discord daddy is the one who leads, and the Kitten has to submit to them. The leader can possess more than one Kitten and keep them until they are a pleasure to him. This creates Discord kitten and Daddy each a terrifying and toxic relationship where one clear cut is above the other.

Although it may seem cool to own, is the Nitro worth your time? Being a kitten has its monetary rewards as well as its consequences. In other words, those who are considering doing so should think twice. It’s about the same as being a cyber-sugar baby.

Final Words

What is a Discord Kitten meaning? You ask. A Discord Kitten only wants attention from someone who can please them (e.g., Nitro). There’s a lot of confusion between what a Discord Kitten is and what an UwU girl is. While they are two different words, they are not necessarily mutually exclusive. A Discord Kitten can be an UwU girl and vice versa. They both refer to the same thing, which is to say some girls on Discord who may be so cute you want