DoCast Makes iPhone Screen Mirroring Easy

DoCast was released a short while ago, and it’s already our preferred mirroring, streaming, and casting solution. It’s an iOS app for screen mirroring iPhones to TV via Chromecast. Look for DoCast in the App Store.

Storing videos and other media on your phone is convenient, but sometimes, you want to view it on a bigger screen. This is the exact situation that DoCast was made to solve. The concept is great, but how does it hold up in practice?

It’s not just a matter of performance. If you’re going to mirror daily, a good app has to exclude every unnecessary action and optimize every element of its interface. It has to be adapted to frequent use.

We examined important app characteristics, such as ease of use, available options, and how well it streams. The impression was generally positive. Read on to learn everything about DoCast.


The first thing you do in DoCast is find your Chromecast and connect to it. First, the two devices must be connected to the same WiFi network. Once that’s done, you can choose between screen mirroring, which will let you display your other apps on the TV, and photo and video casting, which will let you select files with DoCast’s gallery to stream from iPhone to TV.

The built-in gallery removed a layer of separation between the viewing and mirroring apps, which could formerly caused problems. If the team behind DoCast is also developing the viewing solution, they can prevent it from malfunctioning. Some viewers, even default ones, have issues with streaming and mirroring, so it’s nice not to rely on them occasionally.

Some settings can be adjusted – namely, sound and quality, and you can also enable or disable auto-rotation. All the settings are currently available in the free version, but newer additions may be restricted to the Premium Upgrade. Commonly, apps don’t allow users to switch to high quality or mirror with sound, so DoCast stands out positively.

The quality settings are helpful if you have limited bandwidth or an unstable connection. Better video may skip or freeze when you use it on narrow network channels. This is just a circumstance of video decoding.

These features make DoCast useful for many things, such as playing iOS games on TV or watching films. It can even be used to give a quick presentation or share photos with your family. But, of course, this is not the limit of what DoCast is capable of; considering the versatility of the app, you’ll likely come up with more applications for it.

We liked this the most about the app: it allowed us to express our creativity and find ways to use it. Of course, the compact interface and the great features helped. It’s great when an application isn’t streamlined and provides space for an open-ended approach.


The free version of DoCast only allows users to stream videos for three minutes and mirror their screen for fifteen. Photo casting is always unlimited, and the free version does not display ads. The Premium upgrade, currently available as Monthly and Yearly subscriptions or Lifetime purchases, allows you to cast phone to TV without limits. As DoCast is updated, new features may be added; these features will also become a part of the Premium.

Instead of buying the Upgrade outright, you can try the Yearly plan for two weeks. The Yearly and Lifetime plans will make the buyer eligible for a mysterious gift. What is it? No one knows, but you can find out personally by buying them.

The free version was enough for us to experience the app entirely. The fact that we could use sound and the highest quality setting mattered a lot. Plus, the app was stable and mirrored consistently. The latency was extremely low, under one second, so the input delay wasn’t jarring.

This means a lot since even the slightest input delay can be significant. But we generally didn’t notice it during testing. It was just pleasant to use. Flaws are easier to notice than successfully implemented features. We know this much from our experience with streaming apps. But the fact that we could just use DoCast without issue says a lot.

Sum it Up

Sometimes, the value of a good experience can only be understood in comparison. We’ve mirrored with other apps before, and DoCast has been a breath of fresh air. So what else is necessary? Some aspects are harder to put into words, but they just work.

DoCast is one of the best Chromecast iPhone mirroring apps there are. After trying it, we’re confident in this statement. It combines its well-designed UI with useful functionality and doesn’t hinder users with ads. The resulting experience is unrivaled. We wholeheartedly recommend it, and you can also find out more on the developers’ website.

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