To make the recording process smoother and more efficient, many people use browser-based screen recording extensions like Screencastify instead of downloading a standalone screen recorder app.

Unfortunately, there are many downsides to browser-based screen recording, including limited customization options and difficulty sharing your videos on mobile devices. If someone wants to take full advantage of all the features available in your screen recorder app, you’ll need to use a dedicated screen recorder app over an extension every time.

Difference Between a Browser Extension and a Screen Recorder App For PC?

Whether you want to create videos of your gameplay or show friends how to complete a level, recording video on your PC is more convenient than it’s ever been. But which tool should you use? Here is the difference:

A better experience

When using a browser extension, you usually work within the confines of your web browser. That means any tabs or windows open in your browser can be recorded.

On the other hand, a screen recorder app for PC gives you more control over what is being recorded. You can also record audio with a screen recorder app, which isn’t possible with most browser extensions. That means you can create tutorial videos or capture online lectures more easily.

Real-time editing controls

You can access real-time editing controls while recording your screen with a screen recorder app. This means that you can change your recording as you go without having to stop and start over again.


With a browser extension, on the other hand, you can’t make any changes to your recording once it’s started. So before you start recording, you’ll need to ensure everything is just how you want it.

Higher video capture frame rate

A screen recorder app for PC can capture video at a higher frame rate than a browser extension. That means you’ll be able to create smoother, more polished videos using a screen recorder app.

Some extensions also limit how long they can record, while apps generally don’t have any limitations on recording time.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Dedicated Screen Recorder App Over a Browser Extension

Here are five reasons you need a dedicated screen recorder app over a browser extension.

It’s Efficient

A dedicated screen recorder app is more efficient than a browser extension because it’s designed to record your screen. It means that it will use fewer resources on your computer and won’t slow down your browser. Additionally, a dedicated app will have more features and be more customizable than a browser extension.

It’s Convenient: A dedicated screen recorder app is also more convenient than a browser extension because you can access it from your computer’s dock or menu bar. In addition, it means you don’t have to open your browser to start recording, saving you time.

It’s Powerful: A screen recorder app is more powerful than a browser extension because it can record audio and video.

Record Games

One of the main reasons why you might want to use a dedicated screen recorder app over a browser extension is that you can record games. This is great for gamers who wish to share gameplay with friends or create Let’s Play videos.


A dedicated screen recorder app will allow you to quickly record your gameplay without worrying about browser compatibility issues. Plus, you will be able to take advantage of features like recording in high definition, which isn’t possible with most browser extensions. With one touch, you can start and stop the recording process.

No internet needed

If you use a browser extension, you need an internet connection to record your screen. Most browsers include their screen recorder as part of their standard installations, but using these can come with drawbacks: it’s usually only available when you’re using that browser, and most will only support specific video codecs.

One of the best things about using a dedicated screen recorder app is that you don’t need an internet connection to use it. So it is great if you’re recording something for offline viewing or in an area with spotty service. There’s also no risk of accidentally running up your data bill. Plus, it doesn’t matter where you are – so if you want to show someone how to do something on their computer, this is ideal!

Best Video Quality

First, you should opt for a dedicated screen recorder app over a browser extension to get the best video quality. When you use a screen recording app specifically designed for recording your screen, the video quality will almost always be better than what you’d get with a browser extension.

If you’re trying to record gameplay or anything where there’s a lot of movement on-screen, this is especially important since even just one dropped frame can ruin the quality of your video.

Best Audio Quality

Video audio quality is one of the most important aspects of a screen recording. A dedicated app will usually have better audio quality than a browser extension because it’s designed specifically for recording. As a result, you’ll get clear, high-quality audio that sounds great on your recordings.

Audio quality is essential for some reasons:

  • First, it helps ensure that your recording is clear and audible.
  • Second, good audio quality can help you avoid any potential legal issues arising from using a recording with poor audio quality.
  • Third, it can make your recording more professional-sounding.
  • Screen Recorder can save you time in the long run by avoiding needing to re-record your video sections or removing noise from the third-party app.

Best Screen Recorder App For Mac And Windows

TunesKit Screen Recorder

TunesKit Screen Recorder can record everything you want on your PC and Mac screen, including video streaming, computer games, apps tutorials, how-to videos, lectures, webinars, video conferences, live broadcasts, and more.

It’s not just a top-quality video recorder but also an independent audio recorder that lets users record any sound from the system and microphones, including streaming music, sound effects, background music, or any other audio displayed in the browser’s media players programs. You can also extract audio on your computer from videos in high-quality lossless audio.

When using TunesKit Screen Recorder, You can customize your preferences. For example, you could record the entire screen, choose areas to record between 1280*720, 176*144, or 1920*1080, or adjust the capture area size depending on your requirements.

Tuneskit Recorder allows users to record high-definition music and video in various formats, including MP4, AVI, MP3, and FLAC WMA.


Final Words

A browser extension is like a small software program you install onto your web browser. It extends the functionality of your browser, adding new features or modifying existing ones. On the other hand, a screen recorder app for PC is a standalone program that you can use to record your screen.

It doesn’t require installation onto your browser and usually has more features than a browser extension. So, which one should you use?

It depends on your needs. If you want to record your screen quickly and easily, without any frills, then a browser extension might be the way to go. But if you want more control over your recording, or if you want to add other features to your recording, then a screen recorder app is probably your best bet.