Is Fake AirPods Worth Buying as an Apple AirPods Alternative?

Apple Airpods is an excellent wireless device for both music and call, no doubt that. But as we all know, it is pretty expensive. Due to this reason, many users iPhone users are asking whether it is a good idea to buy fake Airpods, commonly known as the first copy Airpods, or Master copy AirPods.

Today in this article, we will see whether it is good to buy Fake AirPods and whether we can consider fake AirPods as an alternative to the original Apple AirPods. To answer these, we purchased both original Airpods and the Fake one to understand more so we can compare them. In the market, you can find the copy version of both AirPods 3 and the AirPods Pro.

AirPods Real vs Fake

Before explaining the details, one more thing must be noted: Fake Airpods is also known as the Master Copy Airpods, First Copy Airpods, Clone Version, etc. Following are the few aspects we primarily considered while comparing original and fake AirPods.


When considering the design, there is no noticeable change between the Fake and original versions. Both look the same, and no one could easily find which one is real and which is Fake. So, from a design perspective, both look the same, and the master copy, as they claim, looks like an actual copy.


Build Quality

Another factor that can be compared is the build quality. The Fake Airpods come with the decent build quality. As we saw with the design factor, the. Build quality also resembles the original Airpods. Finding real and fake products will be difficult if mixed. So, fake AirPods won’t disappoint you on the build quality side.


The pairing of Fake Airpods is also working in the normal way, as we see on the original version. While opening the Lids, you will see the Pairing animation on your iPhone or the iPad, like in the original Airpods. Then you need to press and hold the pairing button to get the Airpods paired. Like the actual pods, the battery percentage will also be shown on the mobile screen. So, in the case of pairing, the Fake Airpods also perform in the same way as in the original version.

However, there is some issue with the battery percentage display. The Fake Pods might not display the correct battery percentage on the mobile display. This is not the same with all the Fake Airpods; while testing, we saw that some Airpods are showing them correctly, whereas others are showing wrong information. Here the battery percent data is not guaranteed with the Fake Airpods.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality is the most important factor that needs to be considered. Here comes the main difference too. The Fake Airpods can never replace the original Apple Airpods in any way. The sound quality of the Original Airpods is far better and superior. So, if we compare the sound quality of both real and fake Airpods, without any doubt, we can say that the Original is the best.

Call and Music

Call and Music quality is another factor than distinguishes real and fake Airpods. The call quality and the music experience with the real Airpods are better than the Fake Airpods. The mic quality of the real Airpods is always superior to the Fake Airpods.


The battery of both Real and Fake Airpods has the same backup; The Fake Airpods also offer the same battery backup as the original Airpods. So, when considering the battery life, we can’t see much difference between the real and fake Airpods.

Feature Missing in the Fake Airpods When compared to Original Airpods

Even though most of the features are available in the Fake Airpods, some key elements are missing or not working properly on the Fake Version or the copy version of Airpods.

Spatial Audio

Spatial Audio is one of the key features of the Apple AirPods, which won’t work properly on Fake Airpods.

Active Noise Cancelation

Active Noice Cancelation (ANC) might not work on the cloned version of Airpods. Most Fake Airpods claims that ANC works on that; however, we can’t find any working copy version yet.

Seemless Device Switching

One great thing with the Apple Airpods is the seamless device switching. Suppose you use multiple Apple devices like Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc. In that case, the original Airpods can switch between devices automatically, whereas the Copy version works like a standard Bluetooth earbud. You need to disconnect and connect each device manually.

Is it Worth Buying Fake Airpods?

Here comes the biggest question, Are the Fake Airpods worth buying. For this question, we have both answers. The real Airpods come with pricing starting from $179, whereas the Copy version is available at $25 and above. Here the price difference is more significant.

From the pricing itself, we can say that we won’t get the quality of a $179 product at $25. So, the Fake Airpods won’t be a replacement for the real Airpods. But when considering the pricing of the Fake Airpods, we can say that you are getting a product that is worth the amount. For $25 or $30, you get a device that looks exactly like the Apple Airpods with most features.

So in the perspective of the pricing, It is not a bad deal, but it is also to be noted that the Fake Airpod comes with no guarantee. Since it is a Fake product, not all the product works perfectly. Hence if your device stops working after a few days, there won’t be any option to get it repaired or replaced.

Is Fake Airpod an Apple Airpods Alternative?

We can say that the Fake Airpods are not a replacement for the real Airpods. So, the Airpod copy is not an alternative for the genuine Airpods. For a lower price, you are getting a product that looks like the Apple Airpods but is not the exact replacement. As mentioned above, some features are missing on the Fake Airpods, and the sound and the music quality of the copy version are not comparable to the real one. From that perspective, we can say that the Fake Airpods are not an alternative to Apple Airpods.



In this article, we saw how Fake Airpods are different from real Airpods. So, you can consider whether to buy fake Airpods or not. Fake or the Copy version of the Airpods is no replacement for the Apple Airpods. However, you can get a copy version of the AirPods if you wish to have Airpod earbuds at a lower price.

On the other side, for a price of $25-$30, you are getting a product with no warranty. At the same price, a number of budget earbuds are available in the market now under the brand warranty.

So it would help if you considered the Fake Airpods only for real Airpods like the look and build quality, not for the actual Airpods experience.

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