Fix Apple Watch Wake on Wrist Raise Not Working Issue

As you might know, the old model Apple Watch and the budget Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch SE2 don’t support Always-on display, wake-on wrist raise is the option to see the watch screen.

But, some users face a strange issue, the wake on the wrist raise is not working, and each time, they need to press the crown button to wake the screen on. It was so annoying to do the step each time.

If we need to see the time or check for any notification, we need to click the button each time, which is also not handy. So in this article, we will see why the wake-on-wrist raise is not working and how to fix the issue.

Wake on Wrist Raise Not Working on Apple Watch

Once the issue happened, many thought it was the watch’s fault. Itself, and it requires repair. We even saw that some users did the reset to fix the issue. In that case, the issue for sure is fixed. But in most cases, the reset is not required as the issue happens mostly due to the settings change on the Apple watch.

The latest update on the Apple Watch features a new option called Theatre mode. The Theatre mode keeps the screen off constantly, and you won’t get woken up by notifications and raise on wrist raise.

This is not a bug or an issue, but a new feature to reduce the disturbance mainly while watching movies or in other activities, and thus, the feature is named Theatre mode.

But the issue is due to the accidental click and enabling the theatre mode on the Apple Watch. The theatre mode can be activated from the notification control panel, and while swiping the screen for notification, most people might activate it by an accidental click.

Since it was activated unknowingly, most users think it is an issue and start resetting the device to fix it. However, a reset is not required as it can be changed easily from the control panel.

How to Fix the Wake on Wrist Raise Not Working Issue on Apple Watch

The option can be disabled easily. To do so, you must wake up the watch screen and unlock it first.

Then swipe from the bottom to the top from the home screen (watch face screen)

Now you will see the control center with all the options. There you will see a two mask like picture highlighted in yellow. Tap on that. The highlighted yellow will disappear. Now the theatre mode is disabled.


Now your Apple Watch will wake up while raising the wrist as before. This feature can be enabled and disabled as per your preference if you need it.

How to Know the Theatre Mode Active on the Apple Watch


If the theatre mode is activated unknowingly on your Apple watch, it can be identified easily. On your Apple watch, you will see a small yellow mask-like icon on the top center, which shows the Theatre mode active or now.

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