Since mobile is widely used for all the messaging purpose now, many people may find some difficulty in typing the messages. Mainly talking about the keyboard of Android Mobile phones, many people may find the Autocorrection feature bit annoying.

Many of the mobile users won’t type all the messages in English, but they might type it in there own regional language as they speak, but the typing’s are always in English. In this case, the Auto Correction feature will automatically correct the word, thinking that the user typed it wrong. But actually we typed it as like we need it. Here we need to disable the autocorrect feature on the android keyboard.

Let’s check how to Turn Off Autocorrect option on Android Device. It’s easy to do it from the phone settings itself. So follow the steps below to disable the auto-correction.

Step 1: Go to Settings and click on the Language & Input option.

android turn off autocorrection 1

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Step 2: In the Language & Input details window, which appears next, check for the current keyboard you are using. If you installed multiple keyboards on your mobile like Gboard, Indic Keyboard etc. You can see all the keyboards listed, so first find out the Current active keyboard you are using. You can find the current keyboard in the ‘Current Keyboard’ section.

android turn off autocorrection 2

Step 3: After finding the Current Keyboard, Click on that Keyboard which is available Below, here in my case it is ‘Gboard’. Click on it to see the options.

android turn off autocorrection 3

Step 4: In the next window, you can see the options available for the Keyboard. Here, we need to go to Preference and Text Correction to make our job.

android turn off autocorrection 4

Step 5: First click on the Preference, here you can see so many options to turn off and turn on as per our need, to Show number row on the keyboard, we have Number Row option,
For emoji switch, we have the option to turn it off or on. Also, there are other options like Sound on keypress, Vibrate on keypress, Popup on keypress etc. You can choose what option you need. In my case, I turned off all the features, to make the keyboard simple.

android turn off autocorrection 5

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Step 6: Now go back and click on the Text Correction option. In the next window, you can see all the options, like, Show Suggestion strip, Block offensive words, show emoji suggestions, suggest contact names, personalized suggestions, auto correction, auto-capitalization, double space period etc.

First, we have to turn off the Autocorrecting Option. And the remaining option, you can keep it on or turn off as per your need. If you need complete free typing experience, I suggest to turn off all the options as like I did.

android turn off autocorrection 7

After that close everything and come back to your messaging apps may be WhatsApp, you can experience free typing now, without the auto-correction.

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