Facebook introduced the lighter version of the legacy Facebook App called the Facebook Lite version years back. Like Facebook, the Lite version of the Facebook app also got its popularity. So the Facebook Lite can be an actual replacement for the original Facebook App? The answer is simple. No, it can’t.

Facebook Lite is a mobile-optimized webpage that has been integrated into an application. Facebook offers the desktop and mobile versions of its service in the form of a webpage. The desktop version of the Facebook website can be accessed from a laptop, desktop, etc., on any operating system, whether Windows, Mac, or Linux. Similarly, the mobile version of the website can be assessed from any Android or iOS device.

Is Facebook Lite is a n Advanced App?

As the name suggests, it is the Lite version of the original Facebook App. The original Facebook App is a native application available on both iOS and Android devices. You can install the app on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices without any issue. All the features are available natively, and you won’t find any issue in using such an app.

On the other side, the Lite version is an embedded webpage within an application. And due to this reason, the overall app size will be very less. Once you open the application, all the contents are loaded as a webpage, and in that way, it works. One downside of the lite version is that a native app-like experience won’t be available since it is a web page.

Facebook Lite or Facebook Original App is Better?

The only good thing about the Facebook Lite app is its less size compared to the legacy Facebook Application. The speed of Facebook with respect to the loading time might depend on the Internet speed too. If you are running out of storage on your device, then you can use the Lite version of the Facebook application. On the other side, if you need the full experience of the service, use the legacy Facebook Application.

But, if you are using Facebook on a low-end device running out of memory, definitely you can try the Lite version which will work much better than the legacy app since the legacy app requires much more resources.

Facebook Lite App Not Available on App Store

Initially, the Facebook Lite app was available for Android and iPhone and was available on both Play Store and the App Store. But recently, the iOS support was withdrawn, and the app was removed from the App Store. Currently, the Facebook Lite app is only available for Android. For iPhone and iPad, you need to use the legacy Facebook App.

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