Remote Desktop Connection is now commonly used to remotely connect a Desktop/PC. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is used for the remote connection on Windows. This helps to completely manage the PC from anywhere worldwide if you have a stable and good internet connection.

However, this article will check how to use the RDP or the Remote desktop connection if the computer uses a Microsoft account for login purposes.

Remote Desktop Connection With Microsoft Account

In this article, we will check how to connect a remote desktop connection to a computer using a Microsoft login account.

As remote desktop connection requires authentication, you cannot connect to a computer that doesn’t have authentication. So authentication with a username and password is necessary to connect to get it connected remotely.

Microsoft is now recommending all Windows users use the Microsoft account for login to pc rather than the traditional local account. Previously, Windows users accessed the pc using a local user account. However, most users use a Microsoft account and set the 4-digit PIN as the password/pin to access the PC.

In this case, how to connect the computer remotely? Do we need to create a local account to access the PC remotely?

Not actually, Local account is not necessary to connect the PC remotely; if the computer uses a Microsoft account for authentication, you can use the same Microsoft username and password to connect the pc remotely.

To connect the PC using RDP, you must use the computer’s IP address, the RDP port, then the Microsoft username and password. That’s it; you can now connect the PC remotely via an RDP connection. If you are already using a PIN or the PC, there is no need to use it for remote connection; for remote connection, it won’t use them, as it is a local authentication only.

Is it Good to use the Microsoft Account For Remote desktop connection

Even though using a Windows Microsoft account is handy, it is not a good practice for remote desktop connection. Consider the example that if you need to provide someone access to your computer remotely, you must provide them with your Microsoft account and password. So you are giving access to your complete Microsoft account. It is not secure.

On the other hand, if you are using the local desktop account, you are giving access to the PC only; you can easily change the PC password later too.

Also, many RDP clients store the credentials for easy access, and if you are using a Microsoft account, then the same Microsoft account will be saved in those RDP clients, too, which is too insecure in some cases.

Which is the best account for Remote Desktop Connection

If you wish to connect your computer remotely, always prefer a local Windows account rather than a Microsoft account. You can also create one local account and a Microsoft account if you wish to keep the Microsoft account. In any case, a local Windows account is always recommended for remote connection.

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