Whatsapp is now commonly used as the messaging application by almost all the smartphone users. Since the friends list in the contact is bigger, it will causes some difficulty for the users to send common messages to each of them such as daily wishes etc.

It is easy to send those messages to all of your friends whom you wish to send those messages by a single click. Whatsapp have a functionality called Broadcast List. Using this feature, you can create a Broadcast List by adding your friends from your contact to it. After creating the list, simple send your messages to that list only, all the users added to that list will get the message you sent on the list.

Each user will receive your message as private personal message, thus you can save the time in sending common messages indivudually.

For creating and send message, follow the steps.

1. Go to the settings menu Whatsapp from the Home Page.
2. You will see the drop down with the available options.
3. From the list click om New Broadcast.
4. In the next page you will see a filed to add contacts, simple type your friends name to add to the group, or you can click on the ‘+’ sign to add multiple users to list.
5. After adding users, click on Create, your list is now created, simple send message to that list.
6. You can also add a name to that list, in order to identify it.

Note : You cannot add profile Picture for the list.

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