Pixelied – Great Online Graphic Design App as Canva Alternative

Long lost are the days when the companies used their offline sources for graphic designing needs. Finding a good graphic designer who functions and builds solutions per your and your business needs is challenging. Another critical factor is that the service matches the budget, as well. The internet has the prevalence of free toolkits like Pixelied. It is emerging as a one-click solution to help you with easy and beautiful designs. It is an elaborated tool that consists of various image editing options and offers standalone results for common uses altered and presented to suit different business needs.

Pixelied is the umbrella with all the tools and ready-made templates you’ll need to create epic designs to attract an audience. Your online designing solution will help the viewers live the designs by adding effects and emojis.

Here are the features of Pixelied that you should know and deciding to employ this tool as a solution for your graphic designing needs for a better organic audience.

Pixelied Features

Pixelied is your online graphic designer that delivers the desired results within a few minutes. If you want to explore this tool, here are some splendid features on your way with this tool.

Ready-made Templates

Pixelied’s library of templates is ready for alteration and implementation to meet all your business needs. Sometimes, you feel short of ideas and creativity, and that’s when these ready-made templates will rescue you in the best possible way.



Mockups for your applications and various websites are possible within seconds and few clicks. So get ready to transform your websites and applications with the innovative wands belonging to Pixelied.


You can opt for a quick switch between the available workspaces and, further, bifurcate the assets and tools for designing, teams, and designs. Your workspace will define the vibe that will work better to create and implement ideas.

Stock Images

You can gain valuable access to stock images that are free from any restrictions and royalty. These images are going to help you way better and present the business with good results.


You can invest your creativity to get results in colorful characters, scenes, objects, and much more and further customize them in the future.

Vector Upload

You have the right to choose and upload your vectors like illustrators and photoshops for the designing process.

Background Remover

Artificial technology acts as a blessing in helping you remove the backgrounds if you don’t like them.

Premium Icons

Visuals are essential for the audience to stop and stare, and using the premium icons will help you with the same.

Advanced Editor

You have an option of making use of advanced tools like manipulating the texts and, further, editing the pictures as per the available filters and effects.

Your stunning visuals are all set to enhance their look with the help of editing tools like text shadows, cropping unwanted things off your picture, add image filters, upload pictures and further, organize your folders the way you like it.


Template Collections of Pixelied

Your business needs graphic designs for now and then. From pretty and soothing floral backgrounds to motivational and wordplay quotes, there’s an ocean of templates for you to choose from and employ the same for your business needs. But, if you think that you’ll have to pay a hefty amount to use these templates, here’s something that you should know.

Social media is home to many pages like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, and others like blogs, headers, book covers, banner ads, and much more. You can choose the type of story, post, or ad you want to post on any social media platform and pick the ideal template from the available ones.

One of their best tools is the YouTube thumbnail creator that allows you to have click-worthy thumbnails in just a few clicks! It is perfect for adding borders & shadows around your images to give them a unique look.

  • You can try templates for free before opting for the premium plan and paying for the ones you like better. Here are some steps that you can follow to use the templates for desired results.
    Visit the website and choose the templates option.
  • The template page will open after you choose the option. Here, you can select the kind of any particular template that you want that is social media-specific.
  • On the top right corner, you will find a blue box with a “+” sign followed by ‘Create a design.’ When you click on this, a dialogue box will appear that asks you to enter the length and width of the template you wish to get. Make sure that the figures that you enter suit the ‘px’ format.


Pricing of Pixelied

There are two pricing plans. One is free, and the other is the paid or premium one.

Free: If you want to test the waters before diving in, you should go for the free tool. In the free package, you will get the following additions:

  • All the essential functions and features of the tool
  • You can opt for as many as three downloads in a month, followed by 5BG credits.
  • You’ll get one workspace and 1GB of cloud storage.
  • However, priority support will be missing in this one.

Paid: Once you are through with the tool and wish to invest in it for a lifetime, you will have to go for a one-time payment of $97. This package is inclusive of the following:

  • More than 4000 premium templates
  • 100 BG removing credits on per month basis
  • Two team members and five brand workspaces
  • All future upgrades and the presence of priority support
  • Unlimited downloads, storage, and brand presets
  • Access to more than 4 million stock photos and icons

However, after paying, if you still feel like giving it up, you have the option of a 30-days money-back guarantee.


At Pixelied, the main aim is to satisfy the customers and meet their graphic designing needs using icons, templates, and emojis, in a way no other tool can. Furthermore, the goal is to build a happy community whether they opt for our free or premium services or opt for cancellations. Thus, Pixelied emerges as a sturdy and reliable solution.

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