How To Record Your Windows 10 Screen With Audio?

Recording your screen becomes important as it becomes crucial to exchange information. For recording your windows screen 10, you need to have either a screen recorder or quality recording software. Let us dive into some of the significant screen recording or screen capture software which comes with different video editing features as well.


Atomi Systems is the founder of ActivePresenter which is a one-stop screen recorder and video editor for your needs. It is mostly preferred by educators, video producers, YouTubers, and trainers. This software seems to be the most suitable one for how-to-videos, video demos, step by step tutorials, etc. It has all the virtual features and effects along with the feature of record screening and editing videos.


The free version of ActivePresenter comes with no watermark or time restriction. During the captured face, you are allowed to cut, split, and trim your recording. You can also add closed captions, change the speed and volume, animations, annotations, and more. In case you tend to upgrade, a more advanced option(audio-video) awaits you. These features will help you create amazing software and video stimulation.


  • Can record windows, full-screen region, webcam, microphone, computer audio, etc.
  • Can import videos as well as help in video editing.
  • Comes with features like split, change, trim, cut, volume, add closed options, zoom-in-pan, multimedia, annotations, etc.
  • Advanced screen effect, noise reduction, audio normalization, etc.
  • Helps in recording software simulations with automatic annotations.


  • Scheduling of recordings not available.
  • Video cropping feature is not allowed.

Windows 10s Built-In Game Bar

You might find it amazing that windows 10 has a pre-installed Game Bar for users who want to click/capture their screenshots and game clips. Of course, this can also be used for record apps and cannot record a full screen or a specific region. This is only eligible for gamers who love to explore their gaming capture.


  • Click Windows+G opening the Game Bar.
  • Press the Stop/Start Recording button for starting and stopping the recording button to start or halt a recording you can use the Turn Microphone on/off button to toggle microphone if you want.
  • After recording, you can trim your video or rename it in the Xbox app.


  • Convenient to use without even installing any recording software.
  • Can make use of Toggle microphone while recording.
  • Ad-free, no timeline, no watermark.


  • Not for recording full screen, webcam or specific resolution to capture.
  • No Pause option for recording.
  • Massive video editing options.

OBS Studio

It is free recording software that allows for video recording as well as live streaming without any watermark. It is a game lovers favourite for broadcasting their live gaming footage. By using OBS Studio, not only the entire screen can be captured or a window but also from microphone or webcam.


When it comes to live streaming, the program will let you select the desktop applications or audio sources to be shared. It is a one-stop versatile tool for screen recording as it integrates video editing features as well. As it is an open-source software program, you need to be careful not to download the program from any random websites but the official site.


  • Allows for complete full-screen recording, region, window, microphone, computer audio.
  • Can stream to YouTube, Mixer, Twitch, DailyMotion, and More.
  • Intuitive audio mixer with no time limit, ad-free, with no watermark.


  • No Built-In video editing features.
  • No Pause function/option for recording.
  • Not suitable for beginners. They may find it hard to use.

FlashBack Express

FlashBack Express is a free screen recording blueberry software for recording screen, sounds, and webcam. It is not capable of setting the time limit on recording nor stamps watermark on the output videos. If you tend to run this software on a multi-monitor system, either you can record screens across different monitors or limit capturing to a single monitor. You can make use of scheduled recordings for starting or stopping the recording at scheduled times or when a specific application is launched.


Flashback is a free version of a paid application, Flashback Pro. These two versions come with the same recording features. However, the free version doesn’t come with annotations, effects, or editing features. Users are allowed to share and save videos in MP4, AVI, WMV format. However only paid users are allowed to save videos as QuickTime, GIF, or Standalone EXE.


  • Allows for full-screen recording, region, webcam, computer sound, etc.
  • Can record multiple monitors.
  • Available for multiple monitors.
  • Can publish videos directly to YouTube with no watermark.


  • Not allowed or recording webcam alone.
  • Limited video output formats with no built-in video editor.


Camtasia is developed by Techsmith and is one of the expensive screen recorders at present. It has more than 14 million users worldwide and is always at the top of screen recorder rankings. Camtasia seems to provide that professional and polished looking videos. It has always come up with new video assets like personalised intros, outros, and much more.



  • Record full screen, region, window, webcam microphone, computer audio.
  • Free video, image and audio assets like motion backgrounds, music, sound effects, and more.
  • Video editor for editing as well as capturing awesome images.


  • This software seems to be an expensive one compared to other screen recording software.

These are some of the best screen recording software for windows 10 that can come handy in case you want it for your official or personal use. Make sure you get hold of them and make your professional life a bit easier.

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