Ratilix Review Checker – Best Reviewmeta Alternative

Ratilix Quick Review Checker is a handy tool designed to simplify reviewing reviews quickly. It aims to provide users with a convenient way to access product or service reviews efficiently. In this article, we’ll explore what it offers, how it works, and what it’s like to use.

Since Reviewmeta shutdown in 2021, there where no good alternative for Amazon product review checking. However Ratilix now offers the best and easy way for review checking ad product rating analysis.

Features and Functionality of Ratilix

Ratilix Quick Review Checker helps to save time in reading the long reviews we find on online shopping sites by simplifying the reviews of each product into simple sections.



For example, the above images display the review of the iQOO Neo 7 5G smartphone. So it will be easy for the customers to just see the ratings and buy the product.

User Interface

Ratilix Quick Review Checker has a simple and easy-to-use interface. It’s designed to be straightforward, so you can navigate smoothly and efficiently.

It is easy to search for any product on the home screen using the search bar to read reviews. Ratilix Quick Review Checker gives quick results, cutting down the time needed to review lots of feedback. Its speed lets you concentrate on finding insights instead of spending time on manual analysis.


The site is accessible to anyone and is free of cost.

Why use Ratilix?

Most of the time, the reviews we find on online shopping sites can be fake or misleading. When people leave bad reviews, especially if they’re upset customers, employees, or partners, it might seem like they’re trying to make things look worse than they are.

But if their complaints are based on actual experiences, those reviews aren’t fake. So, how can you tell if a review is fake or not?

Signs of Fake Reviews:

  • Reviews from people with vague or common names
  • Profiles without photos or personal details
  • Reviewers not found in your customer records
  • Reviews packed with keywords or repeating phrases
  • Multiple negative reviews from one person across different businesses
  • Extremely positive or negative reviews
  • Lack of specific complaints about the brand or product
  • Stories that don’t relate to the product or service
  • Suddenly increasing number of negative reviews
  • Reviews from unverified purchases


This is where Ratilix comes into play. The ratings we come across on Ratilix are not in the form of comments but are actual ratings.


In conclusion, Ratilix Quick Review Checker emerges as a good solution that offers efficiency, accuracy, and user-friendly features for streamlining the review process and it can be definitly considered as one of the best reviewmeta alternative which is now no more updated.

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