SizePDF Review – Free Online PDF to Word Converter

We constantly rely on digital devices for all our day-to-day requirements in this technological world. Everything from our school assignments to office meetings has shifted to virtual mode. This change has prompted us to use various online tools in our online operations. The notebooks, records, and notepads have switched to PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and images in the current digital world.

There is no doubt that these virtual files offer you more advantages than any physical document. Some of these include their compact size, ability to share them quickly, and high security from theft. Overall, we can attest that using digital files for your data is more beneficial. You can choose between various text, image, visual, and verbal information formats.

However, one might experience slight obstructions when you convert the data from one of these formats into another. In this article, we will be focusing on textual documents only and concentrating our attention on two primary formats, PDF and Word. Every time you need to change any document from Word to PDF, the process is quite simple. The difficulty comes when you need to convert PDF to Word.

What is SizePDF?

Today, we will share an online PDF converter tool to address your PDF conversion requirements into Word documents. Meet SizePDF a free online tool that offers you unlimited chances to change the format of your PDF file into a Word document. This fast-operating tool will ensure the complete security of your data with its SSL encryption. There is no need to register or sign up for you to start using SizePDF. You can use this tool on both mobile and desktop devices, allowing flexibility between multiple devices and saving your time.


Keep reading to learn how to convert your PDF files into Word documents with a few simple steps. We also share the top features of SizePDF that make it among the best PDF converter tools online.

How to use SizePDF?

Here are the simple steps to follow to change the format of your PDF documents into a Word File using SizePDF:

  • Log on to the website on your mobile or desktop device and click on the ‘Select Documents’ tab visible on your screen.
  • Now select the PDF file from your computer or mobile. You can choose one or more files, depending on your needs.
  • After the file gets uploaded to the server, wait for the document to convert. This process takes a couple of seconds to a few minutes, depending on your file size.
  • Once the conversion is complete, click on the ‘Download’ button below the file. That’s it, and you have successfully converted and downloaded your PDF file into a Word document.


Features of SizePDF

Now that we have shared how to use SizePDF, it’s time to go through its top features. These are benefits you can start enjoying when you switch from your old PDF converter to SizePDF:

Avail of a free online PDF converter with unlimited conversions

The best feature of this tool is that you can use this PDF converter tool free of any cost. Unlike most other online conversion tools, you can use SizePDF without paying any fee/price. While other services charge you a fixed monthly or annual charge, enjoy the quick conversion of your PDF documents into Word documents using SizePDF.

Ensure the safety of your data all the time with SSL encryption

While using SizePDF, you can stay worry-free that your precious data always remains protected from online data theft. This advanced online PDF conversion tool will maintain the safety of your sensitive files by encrypting them for high security. In addition, SizePDF ensures that your data doesn’t leak to any unauthorized party and only remains visible to you and parties authorized by you.

A quick and efficient converter with high-quality Word documents

Another notable feature of the SizePDF PDF to Word tool is the quick conversion of your files into Word documents. Unlike other PDF converters, which take long periods to upload and transform your data, this smart tool is efficient in its operations. Enjoy fast conversion of your files with a few clicks while maintaining the high quality of your document text and visual elements.

No registration or signup using your email or social media accounts

To use SizePDF, you don’t need to follow any signup or login necessities. While most online tools and services are only accessible to users who register on their website, this tool is available to anyone looking for quick PDF conversions. No need to link your email or social media account with this tool. Instead, go to the website and start using the PDF conversion instantly.

Use the service without downloading or installing any software

Similar to the lack of login credentials to use this PDF conversion tool, users don’t need to download or install any app or extension to start using their conversion service. To change the format of your text files, all you need to do is go to the website and get started. You can bookmark this website for easy reference and future usage.

Pricing and System Requirements for using SizePDF

As we mentioned earlier, this tool is available to everyone and accessible without payment. It is ideal for people looking for a reliable tool without a hefty price tag attached to the service.

Similarly, you can use SizePDF on any computer device, Windows or Mac. You can also avail the conversion service of SizePDF from a smartphone or Tablet. This tool is compatible with any device and network connection.


We hope that reading this article helped you discover the perfect PDF conversion tool for all your needs. With SizePDF’s PDF to Word tool, you can transform your PDF files into high-quality Word documents without time or money restrictions. In addition, the lack of registration and signup makes it the best tool for people looking for quick conversion.

Using SizePDF, you will save time converting your PDF files without affecting productivity. The quick upload and conversion periods are comparable to the time for paid PDF converters in the market. All this while maintaining the security of your files to prevent any unauthorized usage of your data. So switch to SizePDF today and start converting your PDF documents with just a few clicks.

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