Reverse image search or Reverse Video search? What can be possible at this time? First, we will see how to do a reverse video search or a reverse image search on Google, and at the same time, we will check whether it is possible to do a google reverse video search.

Google Reverse Image and Video Search

Image search on Google is a tool that helps users to find details of a picture simply by uploading the image rather than typing anything. For example, if we have a picture and don’t know anything more, we need to get some details. In this case, simply uploading the image to Google will help us get all the details from the search engine.

We can do a reverse image search on google from both mobile and a desktop or laptop. We will check both options here.

Google Picture Search on PC or Laptop

On the desktop or laptop, you can search images on google like the usual google search.

Open on your browser and select Images from the menu. Or take URL on your browser.

On the search page, click on the camera icon and select the desired image from your PC or Laptop.

Once selected, it will automatically upload to google and search for the result. If Google finds the result, it will be displayed as like regular google search results.

Google Search by image on Phone

It is difficult to do the google search by image using the default search page. So here, we can use a third-party Android app so that it is pretty easy to do the image search.

From the Play Store, install the application named Reverse Image Search on the mobile.

Step 1: Once installed, open the application and click on Add Image option.

Step 2: Select the desired image from the Phone and click on the Search button.

Now the image will be reverse searched on google and will show the available results.

If you did not find the google image search result, the application also offers an alternative image search option from Yandex and Bing. You can choose the search engine from the bottom bar if you wish.

Google Reverse Video Search Feature

As with the google picture search, we can upload the image, but we cannot upload a video and do the reverse search.

Here we can do one workaround in which we use the same Image search feature to get the video results.

To do so, first, take some screenshots of the video. Then, you can take a screenshot of the video using your video players like VLC or KM Player itself.

Once you got those screenshot images, do the same image search option mentioned above. You can use the screenshot to search in google to display the result as like the above.

But one thing to be noted here is that while taking the screenshot, try to take the pictures from the video’s relevant part. Since Google is searching for a particular image, we cannot guarantee that all the video portions will be available with Google.

So it will be easy to find if you manage to get a screenshot from the relevant and important part of the video with maximum details.