Online free PDF editor or Adobe Acrobat both stands themselves with their unique and powerful features, making the document layout look a complete pro with their updated functionalities. Though it might be about editing texts or merging documents from other websites, this PDF editor serves the best.

Speaking about free online PDF editor, which nowadays offers many features not only from inserting texts or adding images but contemplating the different template formats to vector graphics and pixel images and what not? Making your online editing look pro and easy with all these prominent features.

Three Best Online PDF Editors

Adobe Acrobat is the most prominent tool to make your editing easy when it comes to online pdf editors. Therefore, there are many other pdf editor tools with the powerful and best features.

But the PDF documents can be classified into three different distinct types based on how the content is extracted, and it also depends upon the format of the pdf, whether it is text, images, etc. It is checked whether it is easy to get connected or it is secured in the picture of the page. Some of the online pdf editors, which are explained below, are as follows.


PDFescape is the most effective tool with its salient features of editor form creator, PDF reader. The best thing about this editor tool is it is totally web-based software and can be operated without setting up or downloading any software. This PDF editor program is written and built with Javascript, AJAX, HTML, CSS.

PDFescape makes it convenient for the users with its free access of availing de facto document file format. It paves a new way to operate and edit PDF files online. It is well suited for editing small documents and performing illustrations. Some of its distinct features are:

  • As it is operated directly through the website, PDF files can be easily opened via your computer and web.
  • It makes the users convenient to make the PDF forms quickly filled through PDF form fields.
  • Customizing features like attaching shapes or texts to the PDF files
  • To move or remove pages in PDF files.
  • The whiteout tool function is to edit existing content in the PDF files.
  • Easily edited PDF files can be saved on your PC and in your logged-in online account.
  • Without downloading any software, PDF files can be easily printed.
  • Effortless sharing of Email PDF files

PDFsam Basic

PDFsam is another free editor forum to manage simple editing to extract pages. It makes you merge, split, mix the PDF documents, or rotate. It is a free, convenient, and accessible desktop application with all-in-one features with powerful functioning abilities. This tool is formulated using JavaFX and JAVA. Some of its prominent features are:

  • The PDF files’ outline bookmarks help create table contents, modify page size, and attach blank pages.
  • Multiple PDF files can be rotated depending on the number of pages selected or every page.
  • It makes it easier to extract various pages from PDF files.
  • When multiple PDF files filed are merged, it is more accessible to take pages from them alternatively.
  • PDF files can be split into numerous ways
  • PDF files are merged by selecting entire documents or by dividing them.

PDF-XChange Editor

It is a primary editing tool where the edit is easily made by one click edit content button and double click on an area to select the word that needs to be edited. It is a PDF editor free app, but the further updates are the premium ones. Filled PDF Acro forms can easily be shared in a PDF format with the feature of 2.5 version format, which provides enough support to share data in an XML format.

Through PDF-XChange editor, PDF files can easily be generated from the scanned images, word files, etc. This application comprises software where most of the PDF app do not possess those features, i.e., and it consists of a specific software transform MS office files into PDF or from the PDF. Some of its updated pro features include:

  • Remove or move the pages
  • Pages can be shared or altered from already existing PDF documents
  • It has distinct 15 different formats inbuilt where it makes easier to drag out pages to a new file.
  • Files can be easily cropped
  • Attachment of blank page
  • Reviewing comments

Comparison between online editor and adobe acrobat

Some of the comparisons between Online and adobe acrobat editor are as follows:

Through online editors, users can

  • Edit and attach texts to the original content of the document
  • Headers, footers, links can be inserted
  • Some online editor websites or app consists of adding digital signature features.
  • Generally, online editors are freely accessible to everyone
  • Very easy and convenient for the users to operate
  • Files can be automatically saved in online websites occupying less memory space.

Adobe Acrobat users can:

  • Add texts or images or draw using the fill and sign tool
  • You can add the signature electronically using a touch screen device or extracting the sign from a graphic file
  • Easily header and footer can be added, and font and margin values also are modified as needed.
  • If you opt for a pro acrobat editor, the features are not easily accessible to everyone.
  • Acrobat editor occupies more space as this application is heavy with many compelling features.

Difference between online and offline editors

Some of the highlighting difference among online and offline editors are as follows:

Online Editor

In Online Editor, users can easily avail the pro features and made done with their things quickly. There are more than one online editing options you can opt for. It is easy to encrypt or decrypt the documents, and also your files are secure in your online logged-in account. It comprises unique features like filling and generating the PDF from various PDF form templates, which are free of cost and easily accessible.

Offline editor

In the Offline editor, it is pretty simple because of an absence of pro updated features. For example, if we take adobe acrobat, when this is operated offline, it comprises only simple features like correcting your spellings automatically, making an edit in the document, editing PDF content from anywhere. So when you avail the pro online features, the users will embrace reorganizing the text, rotate and crop pages, reordering the pages, splitting PDF into multiple files, compressing and protecting your PDF documents, etc.

These are some highlighting differences between online and offline editors.


There is more than one way to chose a free online editor for edit pdf online free. It won’t just fix your images and fonts. It customizes the way you need the format. When the file is uploaded to make an edit, the connection is very secure and encrypted and is automatically saved on your online logged-in website on your PC.

So, it’s a fact to make your work pro-worthy as an online editor is mandatory. The free-of-cost features might not be enough to match your expectations; get a premium pack or try a trial that is undoubtedly worthy enough to proceed further. It will make your work done with no moving from place to place quickly. With no installing of any bulky features apps, you can easily avail the free online editor’s features.

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