What is Photoshop Portable Version?

We are obsessed with taking pictures. Thanks to the multiple cameras present in our trusty smartphones, we have become habituated to clicking numerous photos every day. But, let’s be honest. While everyone loves clicking pictures, not everyone is perfect at it. Thankfully we have several photo-editing apps that help us rectify any flaws in our clicked images.

Out of the countless photo editors available online, only a few have all the required features to help you create impressive images. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most trusted apps used by professional editors. Based on the immense success and popularity of the app, many companies and developers have tried to design apps and software that mimic Photoshop.

This article will discuss one such product, which despite possessing all the effects and features of Photoshop, remains a questionable choice for most people. Photoshop Portable is an unofficial dupe of Adobe Photoshop, allowing you to transfer the software from one device to another. We will share everything worth knowing about Photoshop Portable and answer whether the app is safe to use or not.

What is Portable Photoshop?

Photoshop Portable is an unofficial and illegal software based on Adobe Photoshop. The app will install on your device without a software installer and allow you to transfer the app between multiple computers because of its relatively small size. Unlike the official Photoshop, which will consume over 1.5 GB of storage space on your device, the portable version will only take less than 200 MB.

Photoshop Portable offers all the features of the classic Photoshop photo editor tool, paired with easy setup, making it a compelling choice for many. In addition, the software is available free of any cost, which is another reason users might get tempted to try out Photoshop Portable. However, despite all these visible advantages, there are more cons than pros to using this photo editor.

Difference between Photoshop Original and Portable Version

To understand why Photoshop Portable is not a reliable alternative to Adobe Photoshop, let’s discuss the most prominent differences between the two apps. Here are the five most noticeable points that separate the Photoshop Portable from Adobe Photoshop:

  1. The Photoshop app is available on Adobe’s website, signifying the official release of the photo-editing app. However, the same isn’t true about Photoshop Portable, evident from the lack of mention of the software on Adobe’s official site.
  2. Photoshop Original wins by wide margins by comparing the software’s editing features and capabilities. Photoshop Portable is developed based on older versions of the original app and lacks when it comes to the latest features.
  3. Adobe Photoshop comes at a monthly premium of $20.99 for using the software. The Portable version of Photoshop is available free of cost. While the original version is pricey, using the illegal version might cost you too much.
  4. Using Adobe Photoshop, you will receive regular updates to improve the app’s performance. However, there’s no such option available to users using Photoshop Portable. It means there’s protection against bugs in Photoshop but not the portable version.

Is it safe to use Photoshop Portable?

We hope you have learned how Photoshop Portable is different from the Original Photoshop released by Adobe. It’s time to address the most critical question about this photo editing app, is it safe to use Photoshop Portable? In our professional advice, it’s better to stray away from using the portable version. Here are three reasons you should always opt for the official version of Photoshop:

  • Absence of updates and bug fixes: As explained above, Photoshop Portable is unreleased and unofficial software. It means that the app will never receive any updates to add new features or improve the performance of current ones. The lack of bug fixes is another issue you will struggle with when using Photoshop Portable.
  • The threat of viruses and malware: Another major threat to using Photoshop Portable is the risk of downloading viruses or malware to your device. The lack of a reliable source to get the app opens the gateway for users downloading the app from malicious websites and getting harmful viruses that can damage their device and data.
  • Lack of customer support services: Since you are not getting Photoshop Portable from the official developer website, there are no promises of continued customer support. Unlike the original Adobe Photoshop, which offers 24/7 customer services, you are on your own when using the portable version. Any issues with the app won’t offer you professional guidance.

Free Alternative for Photoshop

We hope reading this article helped you understand that downloading Photoshop Portable from any source on the internet can be dangerous for your device and data. So, is there an alternative that enables you to get all the features of Adobe Photoshop without the hefty price? Lucky for you, there are several reliable and affordable options available. Here are the top three Photoshop alternatives that you can use without any worries:

1. Pixlr

First on our list is the renowned Photoshop rival app, Pixlr. The software has most of the features Photoshop offers without paying a cent. Pixlr offers everything from layers, masks, and other essential tools you might need to deliver high-quality and professional-looking images.


GNU Image Manipulation Program or GIMP is another free photo editor loaded with incredible features. GIMP is ideal for image editing and manipulation and even works without an active internet connection. Furthermore, the software allows you to perform any desired action on your images.

3. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is another reliable photo editor that offers all the required features to create impressive images. You can edit, organize and store all your images using this free software. To avail of all the features of PicMonkey, upgrade to the paid version for unrestricted access.


Reading this article, you will understand everything worth knowing about Photoshop Portable. We have discussed everything from the usage, advantages, and disadvantages of using this app. Unfortunately, while the app is available free of any cost, the lack of any official release makes the app remains an unreliable photo-editing software for many people.

This article also shared three Photoshop Portable alternatives that offer all app features. So if you want to use Photoshop Portable but don’t want to download the app from any unreliable sources and risk your valuable data, pick from our above options. We hope this article shares everything you need to know about Photoshop Portable.

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