Colorcinch Review – A Full-Fledged Online Photo Editor

With social media applications becoming essential, everyone is on the run for picture-perfect scenarios. As a result, filling up the feeds with vibrant pictures has become the talk of the town.

Have you ever faced the problem of having the correct lighting in your pictures or missed the presence of texts in your photos?

Try Colorcinch that is home to all your photo editing and cartoon maker needments. It is an instant tool that does not need you to sign up to use all the plans and features. This tool is an instant way to create, edit and give your photos the tinge of personal creativity and artwork. The tool also helps you animate your pictures and designs and transform them into simple and beautiful pieces.


From photo editing to text editing, availability of the blending modes to the access to stock photos, filters, and effects, there’s so much that awaits you with the presence of Colorcinch. But, some explicit features might need you to invest in a premium subscription.

Colorcinch as a Photo Editing Tool

Many editing platforms need expert knowledge in prior, but this tool is a simple one. To begin using Colorcinch, you first need to upload the image on the website and get in touch with a simple interface set for the user.

Make sure that you are not missing out on any of the excellent photo editing icons that are a part of the left side of the window you are a part of. You have the option of the following ones:

  • Numerous icons
  • Editing tools
  • Effects
  • Overlays
  • Masks and texts
  • Icons that help your draw and also make use of the frames and graphics

Colorcinch in the form of a photo editing tool will also help you access the image file manager. Using this tool for editing your pictures will allow you to access other individual editing features like cropping and resizing. Also, you can add exposure to your picture and hence, enjoy the advantage of making changes to the highlights and shadows.


Colorcinch is also helpful in making changes to the actual colors that are part of the picture, adding effects like vibrancies, tints, and adding to the detailing and vignette.

If you are thinking of helping your photo with some manual adjustments, this tool has got you covered like no other.

The user can make use of the easy-to-read sliders that are the basis of picture adjustments. Also, if you are unsure about using the result of any editing feature and want to try it, this tool is home to an excellent on-screen tip. If you don’t want to make use of this, you can disable it from the screen.

You can also redo the things done in case of any wrong clicks. The bottom right corner helps you do the reedits and also helps you with the access to trying the layers’ workspace.

Colorcinch as a Cartoon Maker

Colorcinch is earlier known to be a Cartoon Maker named cartoonizer. Later they extended the functionality as a full photo editor and integrated the features of cartoonizer within the Photo Editor application. Colorcinch is an excellent way for you to unveil the creative artist hidden inside you. If you are wondering how cool it would be to turn all your pictures into classic cartoon work and oil paints, the best way is to find your answers concealed by using Colorcinch as a cartoon maker.

If you are a novice and trying this tool for the first time, here are some steps that will help you get the cartoon picture result you desire.


After uploading the picture, you will be able to spot the effects on the left side. The effects will have many options, cartoonizer being one of them. You have a huge range of various designs to choose from. These are available free of cost. But, for some, you may have to opt for the premium version.

If you don’t like your results right away, adjustments in the resulting pictures are always a click away. The effect slider provides you with the advantage of applying the effect from a degree of 0 to 100. 100 is the maximum, and the number you choose will decide how intense the effect will be on the resulting picture.

Features of Colorcinch

  • This tool allows the user to draw freehand with the help of multi-style brushes and add editing and texting layers.
  • Colorcinch uses the power of AI in the effects section, and this feature is all set to enhance the user experience.
  • The tool helps and allows you to keep your edited photos and personalized pictures through cloud storage.
  • The presence of built-in templates will help you meet your vision of a perfect photo.
  • An array of effects and filters are all set for an advantageous implementation and play the magic on your pictures and enhance the complete portrait look.
  • The text tool allows you to add both long and short paragraphs, captions, and words, to your picture.
  • There are enhancement tools that can help to add background effects, adjust the saturation and color levels, choose for the exposure, brightness, brilliance, and highlights, amongst others.
  • These features will help you highlight the parts of the picture you want the maximum attention to and improve visibility.
  • As part of the photo editing, the import and export option allows you to place and save the picture in different formats and folders. You can opt for a huge range of formats like PNG, PDF, and JPEG.
  • The transform tools will help you sharpen and blur the image as per your liking, and further, you can also straighten and rotate the picture to suit the way you want to upload it on various platforms. Resizing and using the available free templates is also possible and is nothing less than a luxury to use.
  • This application also offers an API.
  • If you are unsure, you can use the demo version that rolls offer in both monthly and yearly plans, based on the customer’s experience and budget.


Colorcinch Pricing

But, if you feel the fear of missing out on something exclusive, you should have an idea about the plans and pricing of Colorcinch. After having a good experience of using the free version, you can sign up for the Colorcinch plan available for $3.99 per month. This price is available if you are subscribing to the plan on an annual basis. However, if you are going by the idea of the month-by-month payment, you will have to pay a higher price of $5.99 per month. You can upgrade or downgrade to the plan anytime to wish. Also, canceling the subscription is your discretion, and you can do it anytime you feel like it.

Both these plans offer the following options:

  • All plus features
  • You can use this tool for unlimited projects.
  • You have access to all graphic collections to your uploaded pictures for editing or any other feature use.


For an enhanced and vibrant use of this tool, make sure that you have a stable and reliable internet connection, for it is one of the main essentials. Editing pictures is as easy as a calk walk when the user gets the assistance of an intuitive interface presented by Colorcinch. Make a smart choice of using this tool for all your picture editing and animation needs.

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