Once we receive a call from an unknown number, we must first identify the caller by any means. There are multiple services available that offer the caller identification feature.

Even though the number is not in your contact list, third-party services will offer some free caller identification feature that helps to identify the number or person. It is essential so that we can reject or block any spammy robocalls.

How to Find Someone’s Phone Number or Name Online

Firstly, we would like to say that no online directory is available to get any person’s mobile number using the name, which is against user privacy. However, we can search for a name using the number. The major service used worldwide for this purpose is TrueCaller.

As we all know, TrueCaller is the top caller identification service available now. If you have already installed the TrueCaleller App on your mobile, you might get notified of all the unknown numbers making calls to your number. It also offers the feature to block all spammy calls and SMS.

TrueCaller also offers a web-based search option to search for the name using the phone number. But, for using the service online, you need to sign in before doing any search.

TrueCaller has a large base of phone numbers, and almost all the phone numbers are available there. So most probably, you can find the number you are searching for quickly. However, keep in mind that the name shown in the true caller might not be correct always.

TrueCaller is saving each number in their database with a name taken from some random user’s phonebook. For example, the name shown in TrueCaller is the name given to that particular number by any other person. So, the name may or may not be correct. However, if that specific phone number got registered for a TrueCaller account, the name might be more accurate.

Some Numbers are not available in TrueCaller

It is also to be noted that we cannot find all the numbers in the TrueCaller database. With the concern of privacy, Trucaller has an option to unlist a number from the TrueCaller account.

Once we delete our TrueCaller account using the mobile app, we can unlist the number from the database, and Then no one can find the number or name in the TrueCaller app or website.

Finding Phone Number and Name in Google Search

Some people Google search the number. The mobile number search in Google is not reliable, as Google is a search engine. If the number you are searching for is a kind of spam, in that case, it will get the result if someone already searched or reported that number.

However, a general number search with Google won’t work, and you might end up finding some spammy websites.

So, in short, we can say that a name search using a particular number can be done to some extent using the TrueCaller app or the website. The number search using a name is not possible by any legal means.