How to Unblock Clients From Omada Controller

If you are using the TP-Link Omada Controller for your Home or Business Network setup, you may know about the possibility of customization and features. Omada Controller allows the control of all the other TP-Link Omada devices from a single dashboard.

To quickly unblock a device from the Omada Controller, simply install the app on your mobile device, navigate to the Controller Name, select the Clients tab, go to the Blocked tab, choose the device you wish to unblock, and confirm the unblocking. This action will immediately grant the previously blocked device access to the internet.

The options and controls provided by the Omada Controller are more customizable. One such option is to block any device within the network with a single click. You can easily block any connected device using the Omada Controller from the desktop or app.

If you temporarily block any device and try to unblock it after some time, you may find it difficult to do it from the Omada controller. The difficulty mainly happens when unblocking the device from the web portal. In this article, I will explain how to unblock blocked devices from the Omada Controller.

How to Unblock Blocked Device From Omada Controller

As mentioned, if you are using the Omada Controller, whether the Omada Software Controler or the Omada Hardware Controller, you can easily block any connected device within the network with a single click. However, unblocking the already blocked device is difficult, especially from the web portal.

So, let’s see how to unblock the blocked device easily from the Omada Controller.

Step 1: Install the Omada Controller App on your iPhone, iPad, or Android Device.

Step 2: Open the Omada Controller App and tap on the Controller Name

Step 3: Once the Controller page is loaded, Tap on the Clients tab at the bottom of the screen if you are using an iPhone or iPad, and the Clients tab is listed at the top in the case of Android.

Step 4: You can now see all the connected devices in your network. From the Clients section, tap on the Blocked tab.

Step 5: Now, in the Blocked list, you can see all the blocked devices in your network. Each blocked device has an Unblock link.

Step 6: Click on the Unblock link. It will ask for your confirmation, and a popup will appear. Click on the Unblock button.

The blocked device is unblocked and will be removed from the blocked list. Once this is done, that device can use the Internet without issues.


Blocking and unblocking devices was easy while using the Omada controller. However, using the Omada controller’s web version to control and manage the network may make it difficult to unblock any blocked device. If you manage the home and office Omada network using the application, you won’t find any issues and can unblock the blocked device quickly with a click.

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