Jio WiFi Calling Not Working Now

In the previous article, we explained in detail about the WiFi Calling or VoWiFi. As we mentioned both telecom companies, Airtel and Jio are providing the service in India for the past few months. But now, many Jio users are experiencing issues with the WiFi Calling.

For the past few days, reliance Jio wifi calling service is not available in some areas. All of a sudden, the service has been stopped. Many users are experiencing the issues in multiple handsets where the VoWiFi was working smoothly.

When comparing with Airtel, Jio was providing more handset support for the VoWiFi calling and was rolled out in all over India initially. But when considering the service offered by Jio, it has some issues too. Even though the mobile is active in VoWiFi mode, sometime the calling user may hear the message that the ‘customer is out of coverage area’.

The issue mentioned above was there while we tested with multiple handsets. But it was happening sometime only. But now the service outage is completely for all devices. We are not sure yet whether the issue is happening all over the country of only in some parts.

Other than the VoWiFi, VoLTE is working fine, so the issue in the call and mobile data. Now the issue is mainly for those who use the SIM in the Indoor area where the network signal is weak.
We are yet to looking for an update from the company regarding the issue and will update the same here. In the meantime, you can check the issue is happening to you too. Before that, please verify the service is available on your device. You will get the supporting device list here.

4 thoughts on “Jio WiFi Calling Not Working Now”

  1. Yes, Jio wifi not working on my Oneplus 7. Last month, it did not work for few days. Now it is totally not working.

  2. I was a frequent user of Jio vowifi as network is very poor in indoors at home. Since the past few days I am not getting Jio vowifi. Area – Nallalam, Calicut, Kerala.


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