Jio last month renamed their popular data only pack called Cricket Pack to Work From Home Plan. This move was made by the company to get attention from the users during the Lockdown period. Initially, the company didn’t make any changes to the package. It just renamed the Plan with the same benefits.

But now the thing has been changed. Jio now revamped the Plan entirely. The data benefit of the Plan has been reduced by 50% now with no special validity period. The new Work From Home Plan now comes as a data addon plan along with the existing Plan and with some data benefits. Earlier, the telecom company was offering the Cricket Pack/Work From Home Pack at Rs. 251 and in that offer company was giving 2GB data per day for 51 days.

Now the addon pack comes in 3 variants in total and the benefits as follows.

  • Rs. 251 Plan – Validity of this plan will be based on the existing plan and users will get 50GB of data.
  • Rs. 201 Plan – Data benefits will be 40GB and the validity same as that of the existing Plan.
  • Rs. 151 Plan – This plan offers a total of 30GB data, and the validity will be the same as that of the existing Plan.

Even though the new plans come as an addon plan and with more data benefits towards the existing Plan, we can say that the old Plan was far better than the current one.

Jio’s Work From Home Plan Reduced the Overall Benefits

Jio’s new work from Home Plan is not the best one once compared with the old Plan. Let see how the company reduced its benefits.

Earlier, the Plan comes as a separate main plan with a validity of 51 days. At the same price of Rs. 251, users were able to enjoy 2GB data daily for the entire 51 days. So the total data benefit was 102GB. It has now reduced to 50GB.

Now comes the other part. Earlier, the pack can be used as a validity plan itself. Those who need only data, especially those who are using Jio Number on their JioFi as a data source are using this Plan so that they will get 51 days validity and 2GB data per day. But now those users need to do a recharge with a regular plan, say Plan 129 or any other, and then needs to recharge with Addon plan.

E.g., Let say you are recharging with Plan 399 for 56-day validity. Data benefits will be 1.5GB daily, so total 84GB. Then you can do the addon pack of Rs. 251, and you will get 50GB data for the current validity, here 56 days.

Now, here your need to pay 399+251 = 650
Data benefits are 84+50 = 134GB
The validity will be 65 days.

So, those who make the recharge for the only day before need to recharge like this and at the place of Rs. 251 spend for 51 days, then have to pay more than double the amount.

Here Jio simply removed the validity data-only Plan and converted them to addon pack. So make sure you do a regular recharge with any available plan before recharging the Work From Home Plan.

We are sure that this move will affect a large number of users who are using the SIM for only data and not for calls or SMS. Now they all are forced to do a regular call/SMS plan to get this addon pack. However, the data benefit is reduced by 50%.

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