Has BSNL Launched 4G SIM ? How to Activate 4G SIM ?

Yes, BSNL has launched its 4G service and the 4G SIM in various circles. The state-run telecom company has been testing the 4G service on a trial basis in the Kerala Circle for the past year. The company started to roll out the service to other circles such as Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and many others.

It is also noted that, even though the company is lagging in the case of the 4G network, the VoIP based calling service called BSNL Wings is getting popular at the same time.

Even Though the official announcement is not yet made, the company is soft launch the service in different circles, including Kerala, Telangana, Gujarat, etc. Initially, the process was very slow, and now, because of the competition from the other operators, the company is speeding up the process.

Because without 4G, it is tough for them to sustain in this very late time. As per the last announcement, the company was about to officially rollout 4G in all the circles within the next 6 months. However, the COVID-19 outbreak made a stoppage for that. So now the process is slow, and we expect the launch will happen soon.

As a part of this, BSNL 4G SIM is now available in most customer care, and subscribers can get the new sim free or pay a small amount (which depends on the area) from their nearest customer care. It is also to be noted that the official 4G license is not being issued to BSNL yet. So the company is using the existing 3G license to provide 4G.

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Because of this, the place where BSNL 4G is available, the 3G network, will not be available. In addition, both 3G and 4G will not work together due to the license issue. However, there is no issue with using the 2G service.

With the gradual rollout, the 4G SIM is now available, and the user can activate the 4G SIM from their home itself. But, first, let us check how to activate BSNL 4G SIM.

BSNL 4G SIM can be activated from your home itself. It can be done within 1 hour too. But before proceeding, you should get a new 4G-enabled SIM from customer care. Unfortunately, there is no way to upgrade the existing SIM card to a 4G SIM.

You can convert your SIM from 3G or 2G to 4G sim and activate it by sending 3 SMS from your BSNL number. Within one hour, the existing 2G/3G SIM will be deactivated, and the new 4G SIM get activated on your BSNL number. You can check our previous article, which mentions the procedure to upgrade the BSNL 4G SIM.

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You can get a 4G SIM and activate it for your BSNL number, even if you don’t have 4G service in your area. If 4G is not available in your area, you will still get 3G and 2G networks on your new 4G SIM. And when 4G gets launched in the area, 3G gets disconnected, and 4G will be automatically available.

Because of the congestion in the network due to many SIM upgrades, some people are facing issues while upgrading their SIM. If you face such an issue, you can follow our solution to get it sorted. Click here for more details.

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    • How you converted the SIM and at what ground you are saying that it is not working?

      Is your SIM is not working completely now or you are not getting 4G?


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