Since the competition in the telecom industry is going ahead without any change, all the companies are struggling themselves to keep them alive. There has also been a huge change took place in the telecom field in the past years. All these happened after the entry of Reliance Jio in to the market.

Major telecoms such as Idea and Vodafone merged together in order to overcome these issues. Some other telecoms such as Tata Docomo, RCOM, Aircel all disappeared or merged with other telecoms.

All other existing major players such as Airtel, Vodafone Idea, BSNL are changing there prepaid plan every day to struggle with Jio, whereas on the other side, Jio kept their plan unchanged for more than a year. Jio have a stable base in which adding more users every month, whereas others losing subscribers.

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Now, Airtel revised their Rs. 169 plan to compete with Jio’s Rs. 149 Plan. Earlier, the plan was available for the Airtel subscribers with a validity of 28 days and it offers unlimited voice calls along with 1GB of data for the whole 28 days. Now it is changed with additional data benefits.

Airtel’s Rs. 169 Prepaid Plan

The validity of the plan is still unchanged which offers 28 days and with unlimited voice calls. The pack now offers the users 1GB data every day. So the users will get 28GB data for the whole 28 days which was only 1GB previously

Similarly Vodafone Idea also received their plan and they also providing users with 1GB data every day along with unlimited voice call benefits. However, Jio’s 149 plan is still ahead of all these with respect to price and the benefits.

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Jio’s Rs. 149 Plan

Jio’s 149 Plan also providing 28 days validity along with unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS Daily along with 1.5GB data per day. Others are only providing 1GB per day with a pack value of Rs. 20 higher than that of Jio.

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