Have you considered using a domain name system (DNS), dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP), IP address management (IPAM) (DDI) solution to improve your network? If not, then now is the time to learn about DDI in networking.

DDI solutions exist to make network management easier. Services for DNS and DHCP are essential for any network and your business might also need IPAM.

You can certainly find an individual provider for each of these services, but this is inefficient and can cause confusion. With a DDI solution, you’ll have a central place of management and this will improve and simplify network management.

You’re likely curious about what the benefits of DDI are, so we’ll explain a few of the greatest perks of implementing a DDI solution below.

Management Automation

The first advantage of using a DDI solution is network management automation.

There are many great reasons for automation. It eliminates the risk of human error and the need for manual effort, which leads to greater effectiveness and more time for other tasks.

Network management has several processes that are tedious and redundant. This involves the virtual and physical devices that connect to a network. These need to be properly configured, tested, managed and operated.

When these tasks are automated, you’ll need to spend far less time dealing with network management. It’s also possible that the size of your operations makes manual management impossible, so automation may be a must for you.

Any business can benefit from network automation, so using a DDI solution will make this possible.

Network Efficiency

You can also use DDI for better network efficiency.

When you have your network management processes automated, it ensures that everything is being done right. This means little downtime and a smoother experience for you.

You need your network to be running optimally at all times because this affects how well your operations can function. Any disruption will slow things down and you’ll need to spend time triaging the situation.

With a DDI solution, your network will always run efficiently and it will centralize all of your network services. This means that you’ll spend less time on network management and you can rest assured knowing that it’s being properly attended to.

If you want to ensure that all DNS, DHCP, and IMAP services are running efficiently, then you should find a good DDI solution for it.

Greater Visibility

DDI will also provide you with greater visibility into your network.

This will give you insight into what devices are connected and details about DNS queries.

With this information, you can spot problems, improper use, and where a potential outage might occur. All of this is essential for preventing service disruption and keeping your network properly configured.

It’s also important to understand what’s going on in your network so that you can evaluate your performance. You can use this to determine what needs adjustment so that your network is always running optimally.

A DDI solution centralizes everything for you, which makes it simple to view the activity of your network and explore analytics. This is another reason why you need one to keep your network operating seamlessly.

Cost Savings

One final perk of using a DDI solution is the reduction in operating expenses.

A considering factor for any network service is how much it costs. As you may know, any network can get expensive, especially if you’re looking to expand.

When you’re using individual services for DNS, DHCP, and IPAM, you’re going to spend a lot to get them all. Alternatively, a DDI solution that offers all of these services will come at a lower overall price.

However, this does depend on what implementation style of DDI you use and how much oversight you want. At a base level, an inclusive DDI service will lead to significant savings.

With this in mind, a good DDI solution will lower your total cost for network management. To lower your operating expenses, bundle your DDI services into a single provider.

Closing Thoughts

A DNS DHCP IPAM (DDI) solution is a great way to approach network management. This is a comprehensive option that puts oversight of all core services into one location.

The greatest benefits of using a single DDI provider include management automation, a more efficient network, greater visibility, and cost savings. As the size of your network grows, these benefits grow and become more of a necessity.

Network management can be complicated, so simplifying this process will improve the effectiveness and health of your network. If you currently use DNS, DHCP, and IPAM services, then you need a way of centralizing management and this is why you want a DDI solution!

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