Warning Signs That You Need to Replace Your Smartphone

People have become increasingly dependent on their smartphones, using them to communicate, stay updated, and even just check the time.

Although it can be tempting to prolong the life of your smartphone as much as possible, investing in a replacement can help you avoid getting stuck without a phone in the event that yours breaks down for good. With that in mind, here are some warning signs that it’s time to replace your smartphone.

The screen stops responding

Once your touch screen starts taking forever to respond or ignoring your taps, it’s time to replace your phone. While most phones may misinterpret or ignore a tap once in a while, you shouldn’t have to struggle to navigate your phone because of a slow touch screen.

In addition, if your phone screen starts showing vertical bands or flickering, your phone is likely on the decline. Since screen anomalies can be a big warning sign that your smartphone won’t be functioning for much longer, it’s best to take your phone in to be looked at or start considering what kind of phone to buy next.

If your phone screen still works, but is cracked, an iPhone 6 Plus screen replacement can greatly prolong the life of your smartphone. Plus, since many repairs are covered by a warranty, you won’t have to break the bank investing in a newer model.

Apps crash frequently

If you’re currently using an older device, you might experience apps constantly crashing. This happens when operating system updates are installed on older devices that are intended for newer models. Since most apps are also optimized for newer phones, they tend to crash or not work as well on older devices.

On the other hand, if you haven’t installed newer updates and your apps continue to crash, your phone’s operating system may be unstable. Back up your data as soon as possible and restore your phone to its original setting. If problems persist, then it’s time to start looking into buying a newer phone.

The device shows battery-related issues

As phones age, their capacity to hold a charge decreases. If your phone can only hold a charge for a few hours at a time, you probably won’t be able to get through your day without constantly plugging in. While external battery packs can serve as a temporary fix, you may want to consider investing in a new phone.

Smartphones that restart and reboot on their own are also victims of battery-related problems. The majority of smartphone users have experienced a phone shut itself down without warning. Although this is relatively normal, it can be a cause for concern if it happens on a regular basis or seems to frequently interrupt what you’re doing.

Additionally, if your phone’s battery seems to bulge out or overheat easily, you should take your phone in to be looked at as soon as possible. Bulging batteries are dangerous, as they often indicate that the chemicals within the battery are breaking down. Taking your phone in to be looked at can help you prevent your phone short circuiting or (worst case) catching fire.

Since some phone batteries are cheaper and more easily replaceable than others, you might be able to buy a new battery. If your phone is an older model, purchasing a new device is a safer option.

Although buying a new phone can seem like a costly investment, it can prevent you from being stuck without a phone if yours breaks. All in all, looking out for these warning signs can help you decide whether it’s time to replace your smartphone.

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