Merchant Account Solutions Top 5 POS Systems in 2021

Point-of-sale hardware and software by Clover, SmartSwipe, and LightSpeed are the leading POS systems this year. These platforms originated prior to 2021 but support all of the payment processing and operational management functions that are currently in demand.

Even though, POS Software is tougher to use than other business apps may be a matter of focus. If the POS interface allows employees to finish the various individual steps entailed within the transaction only 1 second faster, the impact on the store’s overall performance is often substantial.

Top 5 POS Systems in 2021

Business owners or stakeholders seeking a POS system for auto repair shops, service-based businesses, or retail operations should seek out a platform that has a wireless credit card reader and supports contactless payment methods.

1. Clover Flex

The Clover Flex packs all of the features of a full-sized Clover credit card machine into a self-sufficient handheld system. This self-sufficient POS device accepts credit and debit cards as well as near-field communication payment methods.

A built-in camera and barcode scanner extend the functionality of the Clover Flex to include retail checkout and inventory management. This system can connect to a wireless internet connection or cellular data plan to make it possible to take payments anywhere.

2. SmartSwipe All-In-One

SmartSwipe is a POS system powered by a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. This platform supports a Bluetooth-connected receipt printer or cash drawer. It is also possible to get a bundle with a barcode scanner, scale, stands, cash drawer, Star TSP printer, and card readers.

This platform is useful for retail and service businesses. It is possible to get the precise SmartSwipe hardware you need without purchasing unnecessary components. This system runs on an application that can be downloaded on a phone or tablet a business already owns to keep costs low.

3. Clover Station

The Clover Station is designed to replace a register with next-generation POS software and hardware. These countertop systems have a full-sized display, embedded camera, and card swiper.

Station functionality is completely customizable. Connect the USB ports to a cash drawer or handheld barcode scanner to support any mode of operation. Clover Register software provides a full suite of features including customer feedback, gratuity, and inventory management.

4. LightSpeed

The LightSpeed POS system is a good choice for retailers and restaurants. This platform also runs off of a tablet or smartphone and has options to add a barcode scanner or receipt printer.
LightSpeed software can facilitate communication between the front-of-house and kitchen in restaurants. This platform also features operational management tools for scheduling employees, tracking performance, and customizing security settings.

5. Clover Mini

The Clover Mini strikes a middle ground between the portable Flex and countertop Station. This compact countertop system accepts all of the same payment methods with a receipt printer built into the back of an all-in-one unit.

Clover Mini supports Register or Register Lite software as well as third-party applications downloaded from the Clover App Market. Businesses seeking a stationary register with a small footprint should take a closer look at the Clover Mini.

A Clover Flex, SmartSwipe, Clover Station, LightSpeed, or Clover Mini system could be the right choice based on a business’s current devices, need for mobile checkout, or counter space. No matter which POS system you choose, you can count on the hardware, software, and payment processing capabilities of these leading platforms.

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