How to Turn Your Android TV into Remotely Managed Digital Signage?

Almost any TV can become a digital sign. It is just easier with some TVs than it is with others. First, you must somehow get the digital signage software onto the TV. There is several software available for the TV. Then, once you get it onto your TV and your mobile device or PC, you use those devices to control your TV digital sign remotely.

Getting The Software On Your TV

If you have a smart TV, then it is pretty easy. You normally grab the app, load it from a USB stick, and install it onto your Smart TV. You will need to use a streaming device if you do not have a smart TV. There are things like Apple TV, which receives an Internet connection and streams the content to your TV.

In this article, the software to make the TV a digital sign is Kitcast. So let’s see how to use the same and turn the TV into Remotely managed digital signage.

If you are using something like Apple TV, you need to load the Kitcast software onto the Apple device, which streams your digital sign content. If you bought a digital sign, it should allow you to add apps. Streaming onto a TV is not that difficult. For example, if you have the YouTube app on your Smartphone, you can stream (screencast) YouTube content on your TV.

Using The Software On Your TV

So, you have installed the Kitcast app on your TV or your streaming device. You now need to set it up. The process is pretty simple. Like most apps, it is a plug-and-play situation. There isn’t much for you to do on the technical side.

Setting up the app on your TV or streaming device is pretty straightforward. It is like setting up the TikTok or YouTube app. The setup instructions will walk you through everything you need to do. After you are done, you need to connect your digital sign or streaming device to your computer or Smartphone, which will be explained later.

Putting The Software On Your PC

Let’s assume you will control your digital sign remotely using your PC for these examples. Of course, you can do it on your laptop or mobile device if you wish, but a PC is better because it has more power and offers a full range of options (from editing to publishing).

Getting the software on your PC is more accessible than getting it onto your smart TV. First, you download the app, and it does most of the installation itself. Then, you follow the instructions, and the app is up and working.

As you continue, you will need to sign in if you have an account and create an account if you don’t. This allows you to connect to the Kitcast service. This is where you will enjoy the features that the software has to offer.

Different Digital Sign Software

The same rules apply if you use a different digital sign software. They will want you to sign in to use their tools. This is because they act as the third party when you connect to your digital signs.

Even though it is possible to connect on your digital sign from your PC like you would a phone line, it is challenging and technical. So instead, you use a third-party service, just like when you send messages with WhatsApp or Facebook messenger. You send the digital sign content through the software to their servers, and they distribute it to your digital signs.

Connecting Your Digital Sign and PC

Again, this explanation uses a PC because it is easier. You can generate a secure number when you use the Kitcast app on your smart TV or streaming device. Then, when you get back to your PC, you use this number to connect with your digital sign. It is like a password handshake so that you are connecting with your digital sign and not somebody else’s.

Once your digital sign is connected, you can name it, and from your PC, you may start streaming content. Perhaps you want to test it out with a quick video. You load the video onto the system and tell the sign when to play it and if you want it played on repeat. You execute the command, and then your digital sign (your TV) shows your content.

Choose Your Content

When you stream content to your digital sign TV, it doesn’t have to be a piece of video footage. So, for example, if you want to show a sign that says “Sale 90% Off,” then you load that image onto the digital software on your PC and command your digital sign to display it.

You can then use the tool on your PC and through your KitCast account to tell your sign what sort of content to display. Plus, you don’t have to stick to just one sign. Using the same process, you can set up hundreds of signs, connect them to your PC, and run them all as you see fit. You are doing it over the Internet, so as long as your TVs have a connection, they will respond to your commands immediately.

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