How to Create Webtoon Lookism AI Filter

In the world of webtoons, where visual storytelling takes center stage, the portrayal of characters’ looks carries significant weight. To address this, using artificial intelligence (AI) filters has emerged as a groundbreaking solution.

These filters allow creators to transform the appearance of characters, challenging societal beauty standards and promoting inclusivity. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating realm of webtoon Lookism AI filters, exploring their role, and the steps involved in creating them.

What is Webtoon Lookism?

Webtoon Lookism

The Lookism Webtoon AI Filter is an interactive digital filter that utilizes AI technology to animate users’ faces, providing them with the look of characters from the “Lookism” Webtoon series.

Taejun Pak’s creation, Lookism, is a South Korean webtoon that made its debut on Naver Webtoon in November 2014. Its popularity has grown to the extent that it has become the inspiration behind AI filters dominating social media platforms, such as the AI Style Filter and the captivating AI Manga Filter. While several apps provide integration with this filter, the official method ensures an authentic experience.

Role of AI Filters in Webtoon Lookism

The Benefits of AI Filters

AI filters have transformed digital art by offering automated tools that can easily enhance or transform images. In the realm of webtoon Lookism, these filters can elevate the visual appeal of characters, highlight their features, or apply artistic effects, all while saving time and effort.

AI Filters Impact Webtoon Lookism

AI filters empower artists to explore diverse styles and aesthetics, fostering greater artistic freedom and creativity. These filters play a role in shaping the overall atmosphere of a webtoon, assisting creators in establishing a distinctive visual identity. Additionally, AI filters make it easy for artists of varying skill levels to achieve professional-looking results without extensive training or expertise.

How to Create Webtoon Lookism AI Filter?

To create a webtoon Lookism AI filter:

  • Open your smartphone’s browser.
  • Go to the dedicated Webtoon AI website’s ToonFilter page.
  • On the ToonFilter page, click the Start button to initiate the filter creation process.
  • Choose Lookism from the available options, or explore other Webtoon AI filters for a different experience.
  • Confirm your choice by clicking the Selection Complete button.
  • Wait for your turn in the queue. When it’s your turn, read and agree to the terms of use for both the webtoon and the ToonFilter.
  • Click the Upload Photo button.
  • Select a Photo from your gallery or Take a Photo with your device’s camera. Confirm your choice.
  • Once you’ve selected or captured a photo, press Confirm to proceed.
  • Satisfied with your selection? Click the Complete button to start the transformation process.
  • The transformation is finished. Save the result that appeals to you the most.

How Does the Lookism Webtoon AI Filter Operate?

The filter employs sophisticated computer vision and facial analysis technologies to examine and modify users’ faces. Taking into account factors such as symmetry, eye size, and nose shape, it produces an anime or Manhwa-inspired effect.

Through the integration of these AI-driven elements, the filter breathes life into characters from “Lookism,” providing users with a unique and creative means of self-expression.


As the trend of the Lookism Webtoon filter unfolds, it’s crucial to cultivate a balanced connection with AI filters. It’s important to bear in mind that genuine beauty is found in embracing our unique qualities.

Furthermore, users should exercise caution regarding privacy concerns and refrain from sharing personal data or information while utilizing AI filters.

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